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Yes, Nipple Orgasms Are Real- Here’s How To Have One


When it comes to the most sexually sensitive areas on your body, there’s a good chance that nipples are high on your list. In fact, for some, nipples are a totally integral part of any sexual encounter. And if you’re a fan of nipple play — or just sexually curious — then there’s a good chance you’ve wondered about nipple orgasms.

Are nipple orgasms real? It’s a really common question, followed quickly by:How the hell do I have one? 

Because having more ways to orgasm is always better, truth be told. Whether you have trouble orgasming from penetration (most of us do, after all), or you’re always looking for new ways to get you or your partner off, then it’s time you get more comfortable with your nips. Because yes, nipple orgasms are real — at least, for some people. 

I’m not going to guarantee you can have a nipple orgasm, because everyone’s different. Some people can have exercise-induced “coregasms”, some people can orgasm from penetrative sex or even anal sex. Some women can even cum using just their brain and “thinking themselves off”. The rest of us have to rub our clits like it’s a scratch ticket to get anything happening down there — there’s no shame in that at all. But if you’re interested in pursuing the nipple orgasm, here’s what you need to know. 

Nipple orgasms may be more achievable than you think 

How common are nipple orgasms? Well, I was surprised to learn that one Men’s Health study found that 29 percent of women they surveyed had experienced a nipple orgasm. Granted, this was a relatively small study — but it seems to hold true. If you do a little bit of searching, you’ll find that while most women haven’t experienced one, it’s certainly far from unusual. And considering a lot of us probably haven’t gone seeking a nipple-only orgasm, you might just surprise yourself if decide to spend a little time there. 

It’s all about your wiring 

You might be wondering how you could possibly orgasm without your genitals being involved at all, but bodies are complicated. Not all erogenous zones actually have anything to do with our genitals — and one study in the Journal of Sexual found that nipple stimulation lights up the genital sensory cortex area of the brain in most women. That’s right, to your brain, your nipples are the same as your vagina or your clitoris. In fact, you might find some other areas of your body that have the same effect — which is why it’s always worth exploring. 

You will probably have to experiment  

If you look for nipple orgasm techniques, you’ll find a lot out there — but there’s also a lot of conflicting advice. Some people will say to go more softly than normal and tease the area to have a really gradual, intense build-up. Others will say you need more direct stimulation if you’re going to achieve orgasm. Some say tongue is best, some say digital stimulation, and some people reach for toys. The bottom line? You’re going to have to experiment. The good news is that it’s a really freaking fun thing to experiment. Try different types and levels of stimulation to see what works for you, either on your own or with a partner.

You may want to use it more as a build up 

Even if you don’t ever achieve nipple orgasm, taking some time to learn about the different kinds of nipple stimulation that feel good for you can still be a huge benefit to your sex life. Although it may not always be obvious to some of our partners, there’s a world of nipple play beyond “tweak” and “honk”. A lot of of the women who experienced nipple orgasms also said that they liked spending more time on their nipples before penetrative sex or clitoral stimulation — or mixing them all together. So if your nipples aren’t sensitive enough for orgasm, don’t feel like they’re out of the game. 

And don’t try to force it 

If you really want to try to achieve a nipple orgasm, then the best way might be to not try to have a nipple orgasm — as confusing as that may sound. One woman who experiences nipple orgasms told Cosmo that it’s better if you relax about the whole thing and take things as they come, so to speak. “I found I couldn’t stimulate myself to orgasm on my own; it only happens with a partner,” she explains. “Just take the time to experiment and be open-minded about different types of stimulation and different sensations. Don’t focus on whether or not an orgasm is building; just enjoy the sensations for what they are.” 

A lot of women said that they were just fooling around and taken by surprise when they realized that they had actually reached climax — so lowering your expectations and embracing a relaxed, experimental mood might be key. 

Nipple play might not be your thing — and that’s totally okay, obviously. But if you are a fan of nipple stimulation, you might want to slow things down and take your time. Exploring the breast as a whole, the area around the nipple, and just different intensities and forms of stimulation might help you discover a whole new world. If you have an orgasm, great — and if you don’t, it’s still great. It’s about the nipple journey, not the nipple destination.

Originally posted on Bellesa Collective 

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