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These Are The Most Sex-Crazed Cities In The U.S, And The Least, According To A New Survey


How lucky are your neighbors getting? It may be easier to tell than you think. Men’s Health looked at condom sales, birth rates, sales of sex toys, and STD statistics to determine which cities are the most sex-happy and which, well, are not so happy. Each city was ranked from 1-100 in each category to find an overall ranking. Austin, Texas came out on top overall and was joined by three other Texas cities in the top 10. Which makes me wonder… what’s happening in Texas? Can we go visit? Maybe it’s because everything’s bigger.

Meanwhile the lowest overall came in as Portland, Maine, which ranked 95th in both condom sales and birth rates, but the upside is they were also the lowest in STDs. Quiet a few New England cities came in the bottom 10, including Manchester, the biggest city in my home state of New Hampshire. The only insight I can offer into why New Englanders aren’t into two back-ing as much as their Texan counterparts is… it’s cold. It’s so damned cold. Look, you spend a winter in New England and see if you want to get your clothes off all I’m saying is if we could have sex through 15 layers of flannel it may be a different story. Where does your city fall? Take a look at the top 10 and bottom 10 overall here:

Most Sex-Happy Cities

1. Austin, TX

2. Dallas, TX

3. Columbus, OH

4. Durham, NC

5. Denver, CO

6. Indianapolis, IN

7. Arlington, TX

8. Oklahoma City, OK

9. Bakersfield, CA

10. Houston, TX

Least Sex-Happy Cities

91. Billings, MT

92. Reno, NV

93. Buffalo, NY

94. Hartford, CT

95. St. Petersburg, FL

96. Manchester, NH

97. Charleston, WV

98. Yonkers, NY

99. Burlington, VT

100. Portland, ME

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