Moving Is Bad For Relationships, New Survey Finds, Because 1 In 3 People Throw Their Partner’s Sh*t Away

Did you know May is National Moving Month? Neither did I. But apparently we’re about to embark on the busiest moving season of the year, and that means a whole lot of stress— especially stress on relationships. I knew that moving brings out the worst in people, but little did I know it can turn us all into emotional constipated lunatics: a local New York survey commissioned by Our Town America of 300 men and women found that “nearly 1 in 3 survey respondents admitted to ‘accidentally losing’ a significant other’s prized possession or purposefully tossing it in the Goodwill bag” according to WABC. What?! Nearly a third of us will secretly throw each other’s sh*t away?

Apparently the most common items to dump were “‘knickknacks’, photo albums, books, decorative towels, and old trophies.” Seriously? What kind of monster secretly throws out other people’s photo albums? More importantly, what kind of monster owns decorative towels? It’s no shock 35 percent said moving had scarred their relationship, with the top three stressors being “increased fighting (51 percent), decreased intimacy (49 percent) and financial strain (49 percent)”. I would also include learning someone who’s been inside you owns a decorative towel. (Full disclosure: I have know idea what decorative towels are).

Apparently it’s even worse with children, because you have to start stressing about where to send them school and getting them settled. Yikes. I think we can all agree that all future moves should be cancelled and replaced with Netflix. Can I live in Netflix? I can live in Netflix.


Originally posted on Bustle