Financial Trust Leads To A Better Sex Life For Millennials And Baby Boomers, Because Communicating About Money Is An Aphrodisiac

It doesn’t matter your age, fighting about money could be ruining your sex life. Money surveyed 500 millennials and 500 baby boomers and found that, across the board, communication about money can improve your sex life. While around 90 percent of both categories reported that they valued financial responsibility, 32 percent of millennials said high-earning potential is important in a partner, compared to only 18 percent of boomers. Weirdly, despite a massive difference in income between millennials and boomers, both groups said $154 is the highest amount you should spend without consulting your partner. This emphasis on being open and trustworthy with money tied directly to sex lives.

Out of those that said they trusted their partner with money, 75 percent of millennials and 44 percent of boomers reported “hot sex lives.” (Really? “Hot sex lives”? Is that what the kids are saying these days?) Compare this to those don’t trust their partner with money, and those reporting hot sex lives drops to 34 percent of millennials and 18 percent of boomers. Yes, in both counts millennials are more likely to report being sexually satisfied, but Time is happy to “credit that to youthful exuberance”— sounds about right.

But what were their priorities? That’s where, perhaps unsurprisingly, the two groups were different. According to Money: “Millennials and boomers differed when it came to what specific types of financial harmony were related to the biggest increases in sexual satisfaction. Younger folks generated the most heat when they were on the same page about saving for big purchases, while older couples who agreed on investments reported the best sex lives.” Couples who fought about money were also far less likely to report bedroom satisfaction. Which makes sense, as money worries are about the most stressful, anxiety-ridden problems out there, and certainly no aphrodisiac.

The number one fight reported by each group was overspending on frivolous purchases, and lack of emergency savings made the top three in each. Basically the most important thing is to make sure you have the same financial priorities as your partner and then do your best to communicate openly about them to avoid fights. Your wallet and your libido will thank you.

You can see handy infographic summaries of all responses on Money‘s website.


Originally posted on Bustle