1 In 4 Seniors Didn’t Have Sex At Harvard, New Study Says, And 58% Entered University As Virgins

A poll over of over 750 students in Harvard’s senior class has given some interesting insights to the most intimate aspects of life at the prestigious university, Timereports. Turns out, those clever kids really were hitting the books. In fact, 24 percent of seniors did not have sex at all while at Harvard. This means one-fourth of students went through a four year dry spell — that’s a long time. But maybe they just aren’t that sexual of a group — only 42 percent had had sex before Harvard, which means 58 percent were virgins when they enteredWith the average of losing virginity being 17, that’s higher than normal. And, 21 percent then had sex for the first time during their freshman year, which still leaves a large number of those that just weren’t doing it.

That’s not to say that there was no sex on campus: although the median number of romantic relationships was just one, 19 percent of men and 7 percent of women reported ten or more partners during their time at Harvard. And despite being extra clever, 31 percent of seniors said they never, sometimes, or rarely use condoms. But let’s not forget there’s always some self-love happening, although The Harvard Crimson reports that “viewing pornography was significantly more popular among surveyed men, 45 percent of whom said they watched it multiple times a week while in college. By contrast, 56 percent of women said they have never watched porn in college.”

So if you were looking for the secret to getting into Harvard, maybe less bed and more books is the answer. For all the details about sex lives and more, you can check out Harvard Crimson’s Class of 2015 by the Numbers.

Originally posted on Bustle