33 Percent Of Golfers Have Had Sex On The Golf Course, New Survey Finds, And Other Popular Outdoor Sex Locations

Apparently those funny trousers come off easy, because 33 percent of golfers have sex on the golf course. I was never that impressed by golfers, but if you were wondering how to have sex outside, it looks like they have it figured out. Golf Digestsurveyed 1,000 people and not only had a third of it done it on the golf course, but, according to CBS Sports they’re doing it a whole lot. Two thirds of respondents said they had done it on the course more than once and twelve percent of those surveyed do it on the green so much they’ve hit double digits. I don’t know much about golf… but isn’t it a lot of wide open space? That’s kind of the point, right? Where are they doing it— sandpits? And I’ve watched enough teenage films to know that sprinklers interrupt pretty much everything… so golfers must be braver than I thought.

But they aren’t the only ones that like to do it under the wide open sky. Here are some of the other most popular places to have sex outdoors, in case your sex life needs a change of pace. Just make sure you have a good cover up story in case you get caught!

1. The Woods


According to a survey of 1,000 Americans by Adam & Eve, out of those the liked to have sex outdoors 55 percent were partial to the woods. As someone who grew up in the middle of the woods, I have to say that this is probably out of desperation and privacy more than sexiness levels. Those big trees are all cool and mystical into you have a gnarled branch in your back and bits of bark in places bits of bark should never see.

2. The Park


According to the same survey, the park was less popular with 44 percent saying it was a fun place to get down. Really? Really? Less popular than the woods? I genuinely thought that parks were pretty much there to facilitate teenage night-time sexual experimentation. My friend has given me a tour of her hometown by navigating the parks she reached different sexual milestones in. You should try it.

3. The Car


With a car, the world is your sex oyster! But seriously, it’s not just for teenagers. A recent survey showed Canadians love to have sex in their cars, or at least they certainly do it a lot, and with good reason. You can have sex outside anywhere, with an immediate getaway plan. And you’ll find fewer things more British than dogging (look it up, I promise you it will change your tea and crumpets view of England forever).

Bonus Place: A Russian Fountain


OK, not at all a popular place but I had to include it because two people straight up banged for 15 full minutes in the middle of a fountain in Russia, in broad daylight. We do not know where the couple is now, but wherever you are, I salute you.

Originally posted on Bustle