The Secret To Having The Best Orgasm, According To A New Survey, Because Who Doesn’t Want That?

What do you consider the best method for achieving the perfect orgasm? It’s not unusual to have a few favored tricks to getting there. Some of my friends have rituals or special mood setters for getting it on — whether it’s alone or with a partner. I’ve always been less fancy (you’re lucky if I have sheets on my bed), but it seems like candlelight, aphrodisiacs, and a special move or two may actually be the trick.

Ann Summers is one of the most popular lingerie and sex toy retailers in the UK, and is frequently patronized by yours truly. They have been looking into what gives women the best orgasm, surveying 1,000 women and over 600 men to find the perfect combination for the ultimate climax. Their turns-ons ranged from how they set the scene to particular positions to whom they were having sex with. Perhaps not surprisingly, the top turn-ons were different for women and men. But not to worry; we have faith that you can find a sexy (and satisfying) middle ground. You can find Ann Summers’ formula for the perfect orgasm on their website. I picked out some of their most interesting finds for you to keep in mind as you go for the O:

1. Alcohol May Be Key For Women, But A Problem For Men


Twenty-four percent of women said a glass of wine was a turn-on. It makes sense that it would them achieve orgasm, since their biggest block was stress, with a quarter of women saying it could prevent them orgasming. But 24 percent of male respondents said that too much alcohol prevents orgasm (which I can back up with about 30 percent of my awkward college sexual experiences). So maybe splitting a bottle of wine isn’t the best idea.

2. Women Needed More Mixing It Up Before Sex, While Men Benefit From Different Positions


Intense foreplay was a big part of reaching the big O for 24 percent of women, but men preferred having at least two different positions. Doggy and woman on top were the most popular, with 31 percent and 21 percent of men picking them, respectively. So lots of playing around is key to keeping everyone happy.

3. Don’t Be Scared Of Extras


Lube, sex toys, and naughty videos all made the list as massive turns-ons. Thirty-five percent of women said they loved enlisting the help of a vibrator, whereas 11 percent of men like to add lube to their formula for an orgasm. Why not both? Plus, 35 percent of men said pornography upped the sexiness level, so if that’s something you’re comfortable with, you can try watching some first and gathering some ideas.

4. The Biggest Secret To Orgasm Might Just Be A Long-Term Relationship


That’s right. It’s not that the thrill dies in a long-term relationship — it turns out that quite the opposite is true. Long-term partnerships seem to be the key to orgasm, with 45 percent of women and 43 percent of men reporting that being in one helps them reach orgasm. Although good news for us singles: 18 percent reported that no one gives you a better orgasm than … you. I would have to agree — I’ve got my back.

Originally posted on Bustle