14 Sex Toys To Try This Valentine’s Day, Because There’s Something For Everyone

Maybe you don’t think that sex toys go too naturally with the over-the-top romance of Valentine’s day, but I think it’s a perfect time for experimentation. Because while we all may have our go-to favorite sex toy, it’s nice to mix things up up once and a while, and candle lit dinners are way over done. So if you’re looking for an excuse to experiment, there are some sex toys for Valentine’s Day you should definitely give a try. And it’s not just a couple’s thing. There are options for literally everyone— whether you’re with your partner, having a random hookup, or simply enjoying some awesome solo time.

And if you feel like you have all the excitement don’t forget that toys can make a perfect gift for a friend— turns out 65 percent of women get their first vibrator as a gift from a female friend. I’ve gotten them for friends before who were too embarrassed to get them alone. So you can treat yourself, or you can treat your single female friend who’s looking for something a little more exciting. There’s no reason being unattached should mean missing out on the fun.

So here are 14 options to cover literally everyone to try this Valentine’s Day, because chocolates are great but these will get your heart racing:

1. Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Because you can buy your own damn jewelry on Valentine’s Day, or buy it for someone else— a super sexy, super sex-positive girlfriend perhaps. It’s sexy and sort of romantic all in one, and don’t be fooled, it’s still a very powerful vibrator.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $79, Amazon

2. Original Small Steel Ben Wa Balls

Because you can treat Valentine’s Day as a vagina bootcamp. These are not only great for strengthening your vagina (and your orgasms), you can keep one in during sex or masturbation for a whole new sensation. Start with the small ones, because you don’t want to strain anything.

Zensation Steel Ben Wa Balls, $11.95, Amazon

3. Tor 2

Another couples’ option. This ring means you can share the vibrations, keeping with the couple’s vibe of Valentine’s Day. If this feels a little steep there are cheaper disposal options, but this particular version promises some extreme sensations for those who really want to take it up a notch.

Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Ring, $100, Amazon

4. I Rub My Ducky

If nothing sounds better like a nice, chilled Valentine’s Day bath, this is the toy for you. Discreet enough that your roommates won’t catch on to what it is (SORRY SUZ!).

I Rub My Duckie Personal Massager, $27, Amazon

5. Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy

So this exists in the world. You can make a clone of someone’s penis and then turn it into a vibrator if you want. Seriously. Someone please do this and tell me about it. Someone? Please?

Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy, $32.35, Amazon

6. Fetish Fantasy Handcuffs

If you’ve been interested in trying something a little more kinky but don’t how to bring it up, a cheeky gift like this will certainly do the trick. It’s a good beginner’s step into something a little more adventurous, this pair is solid enough to make a nice present.

Fetish Fantasy Handcuffs, $13.89, Amazon

7. Tantus Silicone Prostate Play Vibrating Prostate Massager

The prostate doesn’t get as much love. It’s the male equivalent of the G-spot and mean to give guys some truly incredible orgasms. It’s time it gets some attention— stimulate, vibrate, anything that feels good, but don’t forget the lube!

Tantus Silicone Prostate Play Vibrating Prostate Massager , $45, Amazon

8. Lily 2

As far as sex toys go, this one is classy as hell. It’s a vibrator but it’s also scented. Scented. Not meant to mess with vagina smell (which obviously smells amazing), it just sort of adds some ambience to the room. Like a scented candle.

Lelo Lily 2, $139, Amazon

9. Bettie Page Buzzin’ Bullet Vibrator and Orgasm Balm Set

This has two benefits. One, the Bettie Page design has a super sleek retro aspect (and a bullet sized vibrator is already discreet). But the minty orgasm balm also gives a both a lubricating and stimulating effect, meaning your clit is basically getting pampered beyond its wildest dreams.

Bettie Page Buzzin’ Bullet Vibrator and Orgasm Balm Set, $28.60, Amazon

10. Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Because if you haven’t gotten on board with the rabbits yet, it’s time to start. It’s a winner for a reason — the little “rabbit ears” will give your clit insane stimulation. There are a lot of options but this one has 15 vibration settings and a curved head aimed for your G-spot for blended orgasms. Damn.

Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator, $79.99, Lovehoney

11. Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Vibrator Love Egg

This one is great for couples to try. If you’re out on your fancy Valentine’s Date you can make it a whole lot more exciting with a vibrating egg. You place it inside you and he controls the vibrations. Why wait until you’re home for the sexy times to start?

Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Vibrator Love Egg , $54.99, LoveHoney

12. Magic Motion Flamingo App Controlled Kegel Exerciser

This brings all of your fitness-tracking dreams to life. If you’re still on a New Year’s Health kick, give this a try. It tracks your kegels so you can see how quickly your vagina is turning into the hulk… or, you know, something sexier.

Magic Motion Flamingo App Controlled Kegel Exerciser, $114.99, Lovehoney

13. Lovehoney O Force Powerful Male Vibrator

The single man needs some Valentine’s Day love too. Think of this is a male vibrator, or a fleshlight with a twist. It looks terrifying, but it’s supposed to feel amazing.

Lovehoney O Force Powerful Male Vibrator, $54.99, Lovehoney

14. Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Knickers

Lingerie and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, so this is just adding a touch of sex. These panties have a place for a remote control bullet vibrator, which combines a few of the gifts above into one amazing toy situation. And all with the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Knickers, $46.99,Lovehoney

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