8 Reasons You Should Date A Cuddler, Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Everyone loves to cuddle, right? I’m pretty sure that’s a fact. I mean, no one doesn’t love cuddling. And in case they do exist, I really think that they should add “not liking cuddling” to the sociopath trait list. Because it’s amazing. You don’t have to be romantic or madly in love or anything to appreciate the power of the cuddle. Comedian Dave Chawner even speaks about the best time of his life: a one night spoon. And I get it. It’s the ultimate comfort (I’m sorry mac n’cheese), and even though I think it can and should happen outside of a relationship (cuddling is a massive part of some of my friendships), it’s definitely an important part of dating.

Spooning, under the blanket watching TV, play fighting— there’s no wrong way to cuddle. And it’s not just one of the top four most fun things to do together naked, it’s good for a lot of things, including you and your relationship. So if your sex drive isn’t crazy high, or restaurants aren’t your thing, fear not because one of the best ways to bond has nothing to do with either of those things. All you need is a blanket and PJs (actually… skip the PJs).

Here are seven reasons you should date a cuddler:

1. Fewer Heating Bills


And just general warmth. Seriously, what probably could you not like about having someone to warm you up? Heating is expensive. And I have better uses for my money (limited edition of Games of Thrones books) so if you have someone to cuddle up with it’s like a free furnace.

2. It’s Good For Your Health


Cuddling can keep you from getting sick. Don’t believe me? YourTango explain that oxytocin, the lovely lovely hormone that’s released during cuddling has the amazing effect of “a stronger immune system.” Cuddles and vitamin C and you’ll basically never be sick again.

3. It Leads To More Sex, Says Science

That’s right, the most innocent of cuddles can lead to something way less innocent. According to Lifehack, “non-erotic touch can release dopamine, which is a hormone that increases sexual desire.” So spooning does, scientifically, lead to forking.

4. It’s A Great Way To Show Affection For Those Of Us Short On Words


As I’ve mentioned before, not all of us are able to be super gushy and affectionate with our words all the time. Some of us have other methods (wait, so pulling a girl’s ponytail on the playground won’t show her that I like her?). If your partner’s flirting is a little more sparing and sarcastic, cuddling can be their way of showing how they feel.

5. Instant Nightmare Relief

I get really bad nightmares, and it can be difficult to fall back asleep afterwards. You know what makes it easier? Cuddling.

6. It Makes You Happy

Remember that oxytocin we were talking about, that’s released during cuddling? Well, according to psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo “increases overall happiness“. That means a happier you and a happier relationship.

7. You Communicate Better

Spooning may be the best international body language, but it also helps you use your words. According to Mic, nearly 400 couples participated in a study that “found that general attempts at physical intimacy increased relationship satisfaction, relationship stability, better communication and less conflict. ” And yup, that includes cuddling.

Originally posted on Bustle