7 Reasons Why Vibrators Make The Absolute Perfect Gifts

When you’re looking for a perfect gift, you may want to consider something outside of the box. Believe it or not, a vibrator may just be the perfect present. I know, it seems a little personal- and you definitely want to know your audience before you wrap up a rabbit. But if you’re looking for a gift for a friend who you know really well, it can be a great fit. Whether they’re sexually adventurous or just have never tried one, there’s a vibrator out there that can do them a world of good. 

And I should know— I had two friends go with me to pick out my first ever toy. When I was younger I struggled with masturbation, but after they helped me get my first vibrator, you can rest assured I did not struggle anymore. It opened up a whole new world in terms of exploring my own sexuality but also understanding my sexuality better when it came to sex with other people. I’ve been gifting them to friends ever since.


If you and your friends are close enough to talk about sex anyway, is it really that different? You probably know what positions they like, what kind of partners they like— this is just acting out the things you’ve already spoken about. So here are seven reasons why vibrators make the perfect gifts- because you’ll definitely be the most popular friend when birthdays roll around. 

1. Some people are too nervous to do it themselves 

One of my friends for whom I bought a vibrator really wanted one but would have never been able to buy it herself. She was far too embarrassed. Even though I don’t think anyone should feel embarrassed about buying a vibrator— it’s nothing to be ashamed of— you can do your friend a massive favor by getting them their first one. Once they embrace the idea, they’ll be able to buy them for themselves. Hint: this is Bellesa’s #1 bestselling vibrator, specifically designed with beginners in mind.

2. There’s something for everyone 

Whether they’ve never used a sex toy before or love to try every new vibrator that’s released, it’s easy to find a vibrator that fits the person. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny, unintimidating bullets to toys with a motor that could run a damn car. You’re sure to find one your friend will like. 

3. You and your partner will both benefit 

And it’s not just about friends. It can be a perfect gift to give your partner— male or female. Whether it’s something that they will just explore on their own or a vibrator that both of you can use together, it’ll still be great for your relationship. Anything that let’s one or both of you explore your sexuality is something you can both be excited about. 

4. There’s a huge price range 

From a vibrating cock ring that comes with a pack of condoms for about five bucks or luxury models that go well into the hundreds, it’s easy to go big or vibe on a budget. You can help someone spice it up without breaking the bank. 

5. It’s not just about the vibrator 

Look, vibrators have a certain, well, vibe. You see one and you just think about raw, animal impulses. Which is right. But it’s also about way more than that. It’s a gift that tells you to make time for yourself, to explore yourself, to take control. It’s about autonomy and independence and pleasure. It’s about way more than just a vibrator. 


6. The world needs more sex positivity 

One of the great things about giving a vibrator for a gift is that it really puts it all out there. The world needs more sex positivity. It embraces sexuality rather than acting like it’s something shameful or something that deserves to be hidden. If everyone embraced and was open about their sexuality, the world would be a much better place— so I’m all in favor of anyone or anything that helps fight the taboo and remove the stigma. 

7.  It’s also the perfect gift for you 

Sure, it’s a great gift for a partner or for a friend. But let’s not forget you in all of this. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a birthday or holiday gift— or maybe just for no reason at all— then a vibrator is one of the best ways to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, they are empowering AF. Not to mention, one of the easiest ways to blow off some steam. Think self-care, but way, way more fun. 

Originally posted on Bellesa Collective