7 Sex Positions For When You’re Not Feeling Creative

If you’ve been a relationship for a while — or a very long while — you probably know that it’s important to keep things fresh in the bedroom. Keeping the spark alive sounds really easy, like you should just be able to light a candle or put on some mood music and magically have everything seem shiny and new — and, of course, incredibly sexy and exciting. But it’s rarely that simple.

No matter how important it might be to mix up your sex life and keep things fresh, there are probably going to be days where you’re just not feeling that inspired — that’s OK. You can’t be a creative sexual provocateur every second of your life, in fact that sounds kind of exhausting. “People often tell me they run out of ideas when it’s time to try something new in the bedroom,” sex and relationship counselor Julie Jeske tells BustleSo if you find that happening to you, you’re not alone. But if you keep a few moves or positions up your sleeve, you can still have great sex, even when you’re not feeling particularly imaginative.

Here are some great sex positions that you can try even when you’re not feeling that creative — because amazing sex doesn’t have to be complicated.

1. Spooning


How To Do It: This position is really simple — you assume the same spooning position you would while cuddling, but place your hips slightly higher on the bed than your partner’s. Lift your top leg a little bit to help guide them inside you. You might need a little lube, but it should be really comfortable once you get the hang of it.

Why It’s Great: Not only does this position give you plenty of opportunity for clit play and G-spot stimulation, it’s also really easy to do once you get into it. It’s unusual, so it can feel exciting, even without having to put in much extra effort.

2. Lotus


How To Do It: While your partner sits cross-legged, slowly lower yourself down on top of them. Once they’re comfortably inside of you (using lube if you need it), you can wrap your arms and legs around them.

Why It’s Great: Another position that’s perfect for when you’re feeling lazy, this position provides real intimacy and a connection to your partner. It’s tricky to get into but easy to maintain, so enjoy the rocking and grinding.

3. Woman On Top


How To Do It: Think of the traditional cowgirl position, but your partner should be leaning against the wall or the back of the bed — they can also bend their knees to bring you closer to them.

Why It’s Great: A simple twist on this classic position can bring a whole new sensation. The focus is on grinding and moving slowly, rather than wild ride of cowgirl, so you can take things at your own pace and really get into it.

4. X Marks The Spot


How To Do It: Laying on the edge of the bed (or even a table), rest your legs on your partner, who should be standing up. Cross your legs at the knee or the ankle, playing with different fits and feelings.

Why It’s Great: This position is a great way to incorporate some new angles and views, without having to think too outside the box. You also have a lot of opportunity for clit play, nipple play, or even a toy.

5. Sofa Brace


How To Do It: Think doggy style, by in this version you’re resting your torso on the arm of the couch — or using your arms to brace yourself.

Why It’s Great: This position not only provides a fun twist on doggy — and one that’s slightly less intense, for those who don’t like the traditional version — it’s also a great way to bring your sex life somewhere other than the bedroom. A simple change like that can really help make things feel fresh.

6. Face To Face


How To Do It: Both of you lay on your sides, facing each other — try to keep your hips higher up than your partners and then rest one leg over the top of them as you guide them inside of you. You may need lube or to make a few adjustments, so don’t stress out if it takes a few tries.

Why It’s Great: This position is really straightforward, but it’s also one that’s often overlooked. It’s a perfect choice for when you’re feeling a little lazy, but also want something a little different — and, if you want to incorporate a vibe, even better.

7. Weak In The Knees


How To Do It: This position is brilliant in its simplicity. One of you lays back and the other straddles — making it an awesome position for oral, without the neck strain.

Why It’s Great: If you’re not feeling that creative, try investing time in non-penetrative sex for a twist — no matter your gender, spending some more time on oral, playing with toys, or just exploring each other can help reignite the flame while feeling amazing.

Even if you’re not bursting with sexual imagination every second of the day, you can still have a fun, exciting sex life. Just keep some positions that work for you in mind for when you’re not feeling particularly creative, then you’ll always be able to mix things up.

Originally posted on Bustle