The Best Sex Positions For Relieving Stress During The Holiday Season

While the holidays might bring you comfort and joy, they may also bring you stress and indigestion and more stress. The holiday season can definitely be a trying time — whether it’s a difficult family, running around traveling, or just facing the shopping crowds. But in the midst of all of the to-ing and fro-ing, it’s also important to make sure you’re making time for some fun and, hopefully, some sex.

Sex during the holidays is a perfect reason to emphasize the cuddly coziness that can be achieved with you and your partner,” Dr. Megan Stubbs, sexologist and relationship expert, tells Bustle. Plus, you can use the holiday stress to increase your sexual pleasure. “Find innocuous happenings during your holiday events to create a fun game with your partner. Count how many times someone makes a passive, or just plain aggressive comment about politics and make that number the time you try to make your partner come.” You may be able to take all of that family angst and turn it into something useful — and maybe those orgasms can help the family tension just wash right over you.

So if you’re looking for a way to combat stress this holiday season, here are sevensex positions to try — because an orgasm a day might keep a family meltdown at bay.

1. Spooning


How To Do It: Lay in your favorite cuddling position, but with your hips slightly above your partner’s. Try lifting up one leg and help guide them inside of you.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: It’s a really intense, deep position with G-spot stimulation and one hand free for clit play. It’s a great position for getting whatever you need.

2. The Bridge


How To Do It: While your partner sits on their heels and raises up, you should place your feet flat on the bed and thrust upward. Your partner can help guide you with their hands on your hips, if that helps.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: This is quite an athletic position, so if you feel like you have some extra stress to work out then try this. Plus, you’ll get a really sexy view of each other while you work out that tension.

3. Doggy With A Vibe


How To Do It: Take traditional doggy style up a notch by grabbing your favorite vibe and either taking control or passing it off to your partner.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: This position has the intensity of doggy combined with the sensation of your vibe to create all of the stimulation. In fact, there’s so much going on you probably won’t even remember what you were stressed out about in the first place.

4. The Splitter


How To Do It: In missionary, have your partner raise up on their knees while your rest one leg on their chest. Move slowly, though, especially if you’re not particularly flexible.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: It’s a great position for easy-access thrusting and you can take it all in while adding some clit play.

5. Weak In The Knees

giphy (5)

How To Do It: One partner lays back while the other just straight up sits on their face, lowering themselves down slowly, of course. Safety first.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: A really intimate position about just going for it, you’ll be too focused on the task at hand to worry about anything else.

6. The Plow


How To Do It: In missionary, raise one leg and then the other up over your partner’s shoulders. Move slowly to make sure you’re comfortable, because it may be a strain.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: It’s incredibly deep and intense, so both of you will be getting a lot of sensation.

7. In A Chair


How To Do It: While your partner sits in a chair, face them and straddle them before lowering yourself down to bump and grind. You can also try it facing away from them, for something a little kinkier.

Why It’s Stress-Busting: The chair adds an exciting twist and will allow you to blow off some steam wherever and whenever you need it most.

The holidays may be stressful, but there’s a really good way to get rid of that stress. Focus on sex positions with strong sensation or that require you to be present and let the stress go, even if it’s just for a few sweet moments.

Originally posted on Bustle