Fall Is 100% The Best Season For Sex And Here’s Why

Put down your pumpkin spiced lattes, because fall has a lot more to offer. Though summer might get the rep of being the sexiest season, spring is when romance is supposed to blossom, everyone goes nuts for the holiday season, fall is a truly underrated time of year. And if people do get excited about it, it’s all about Halloween, crunchy leaves, and weird sugary warm drinks. Those are all…fine. But the truth is, fall is the best season for sex — and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

There are only certain times of year when the weather, the mood, and your schedule all intersect, allowing not just for great sex, but for a lot of it. Whether you’re looking to try something new and exciting or you just want some time to hunker down for an all-out f*ck fest, here’s why fall is the perfect time of year for getting down.


Summer sex is actually the worst

Why do we act like summer is a sexy season? Yes, it might be all bikinis and sun and cocktails, but it’s also sand in weird places, burnt skin, and more thigh chafing than any person should possibly endure. And this may be controversial, but summer sex is actually the worst. Bear with me here. During the summer, you’re so hot and sweaty that sex turns into a slip and slide. You lose all sense of friction, you stick to your damn sheets, and no matter how much you love someone, the idea of cuddling up after in a pool of your own sweat is pretty vomit-inducing.

That’s before we even get into the issue of summer sex involving a lot of sweat dripping into your mouth from weird places and feet smelling terrible from those shoes that look cute without socks but unleash the godless smell of a thousand dump trucks as soon as you take them off. Summer sex is basically a trashcan fire and you can only hope that you both make it out of there alive. So let’s stop pretending that summer loving deserves all of the attention- because though summer may be great for a party, it can wreak havoc on your sex life.


The crispness of fall screams for closeness

Cozying up on the couch together might often be portrayed as the ideal winter activity, but here’s the thing: when you get cozied up in winter, you don’t want to get uncozy. You want to stay under all 15 layers of blankets and happily snapped into your onesie — and there are only so many sex positions that can handle that amount fabric. The idea of getting naked together when it’s -10 degrees is just deeply, deeply unpleasant. Fall is the perfect middle ground. It’s chilly enough that you want to get settled in and spend time together warming up together, but not so cold that you can’t imagine ripping each other’s clothes off and just going for it at any given time. There’s a balance of intimacy with room for adventure that makes it the perfect fertile ground for sex.


It’s a great time for experimentation

When summer first dies down — when you first start to recover from your crazy, boozy vacations or the 14 weddings you had to attend against your will — it can be totally exhausting. But fall is a chilled out time of year and, once you start to regain your post-summer balance, you often find that you have a lot of time and energy on your hands. That means more time not only to have sex, but to get a little freaky.

As everything else starts to settle in for the winter season, use your time and energy to amp up your sex life. Try having sex in a new room in your house, experiment with a totally new sex position — and take the time to master it — or book in an autumnal sex marathon where you spend a whole evening or afternoon just going at it. Fall is the ideal window before you go into full hibernation mode, so it’s time to get down and make some memories. If you’ve been looking for some time to reconnect with your partner — or connect with a new one before the last season of Game of Thrones takes over your life — fall is definitely the season that has your back. It’s time to take advantage.

Sure, you should be tending to your sex life and having an amazing time year-round, but let’s not pretend that summer has the monopoly on wild sex. In fact, fall lets you have all of the intimacy and coziness but without the foot sweat and sand in your hair (and in your vagina) for weeks and months. It’s time to embrace fall sex, my dears, because there’s no better season for it.

Originally posted on Bellesa Collective