25 Percent Of People Are Having Sex At The Gym, So Here Are The Positions You Need To Know

Sometimes I think pretty experimental when it comes sex, maybe even wild in bed ,and other times I hear something that makes me go “… really?!” and realize how vanilla I may be. This was one of those times: A new survey revealed that 25 percent of Brits are having sex at the gym. A quarter of people are having sex at the gym! Really? It had never even occurred to me. But you go, gym bunnies.

In fact, UK company Ann Summers, who surveyed 2,000 people, discovered that 10 percent of people carry condoms in their gym bag in case they get lucky — and 20 percent have gone down dog on their trainer. This is a whole new world to me.

When I’m at the gym I can’t imagine anyone having sex with me or even trying to get my number. I am a sweaty mess. I can imagine them asking me to put down the jar of peanut butter that I’m spilling all over the cross trainer. That’s about it. But other women are really going for it— 47 percent of the people getting it on at the gym are female.

If that’s not your thing, know that more than 80 percent of people are logging on to dating apps at the gym to focus in on someone they like. Basically, it seems like everyone at the gym is creeping.

And if you’re feeling you like want to join that 25 percent of adventurous sexers, here are some gym-friendly positions:

1. Girl On Top


How To Do It: You know how, it’s a classic. Just hop up there, guide your partner inside of you, and lean forward or back depending on what’s more comfortable. Then bounce up and down or grind, and if you’re feeling extra-adventurous, flip it and reverse it. (OK just reverse it, don’t flip it— I have no idea what flipping it would even entail but it sounds painful.)

Why It’s Gym-Approved: Because you’re being so adventurous and bold to be having sex at the damn gym, you may as well embrace your inner go-getter. I mean, you’re already being a rockstar, so let’s make it all about you.

2. Doggy Style


How To Do It: It’s another favorite. Spread your legs as much as is comfortable for you to maintain so your partner can slide in between. Adjust your hip height as necessary. You can always modify it by doing it on the floor with your arms on a bench or collapsing onto your elbows.

Why It’s Gym-Approved: Because you may be in a hurry if you’re doing it at the gym. This not only provides so much stimulation for both of you that it can help you reach orgasm quickly (plus clit and g-spot options for you), it also has about a million variations so you can make it work in whatever tiny bit of private space you’ve found to get down in.

3. The Bridge


How To Do It: It’s a little tricky to get into: start in missionary and then have your partner sit back and then rise up on their knees while you lift your hips into a bridge position. Your partner can hold your hips to help support you.

Why It’s Gym-Approved: Because it’s basically sex and a workout in one, it’s perfect for the gym. You work your glutes, your partner works their arms, and you get to show how all those pilates classes have finally paid off.

4. Three Legged Dog


How To Do It: Carefully, and maybe with lube (glad you gym-goers are prepared!). While you face each other lift one leg up and to the side, hooking over their hip if that helps with balance. You can always lean against a wall, if available.

Why It’s Gym-Approved: Because you may have to do it in a shower or somewhere else where sex standing up might be necessary. Plus, it’s kind of a show-off position where you can show all of that core strength and balance you’ve developed. For the strong and bendy, definitely.

Originally posted on Bustle