This Is The Best Date For Your Brain

When it comes to the best date idea, everyone has their favorites. Some go with the classic dinner and a movie, some stick with drinks. The true romantics among us go with a 45 minute coffee with an escape plan placed every nine minutes. But there may be an another option that would be great for bonding and for your brain. And it involves dusting off your dancing shoes.

According to Medical Daily, “Dancing can ward off brain diseases and increase mental acuity at all ages. Participating in dancing or similarly engaging activities can dramatically reduce the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.” Damn. It also improves muscle memory (obviously), and promotes neuroplasticy, which is how we build up our brain by making new connections. Medical Daily explains that “the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, provides a plethora of evidence that suggests physical activity yields large cognitive gains, like greater volume of gray matter in the hippocampal region of the brain, which is important for memory.” It’s a lot of science words, but science words that sound great to me.

So if those Groupon tango lessons are looking appealing, it might be good for your brain to buy them. Or raving. Or a 50s-themed bop. No matter what kind of dance it is, it’s good for you to do with a partner. But neuroscience isn’t the only reason dancing makes a great date. Here are other reasons why the lindy hop might tell if you’re compatible:

1. There’s Less Awkward Small Chat


I’m all about dates that have a little activity to them. You get to see what the other person is like in action, but you also can cover any awkwardness. I mean, if the date is going badly the worst thing is being stuck at a table with someone you have nothing in common with for two hours. Instead, get up and get moving. And if the whole experience is embarrassing, it’s something to bond over.

2. You Can See If They Have A Sense Of Humor


Unless both of you are trained dancers, it’s going to be a bit out of your comfort zone. You’ll be able to see how you both response to a silly situation— whether they take themselves too seriously, or are happy to let go and make fun of themselves a little bit. It’s a good test to see if you’re on the same page— like going to a comedygig for an early date, but with no fear of a comedian talk to you. Although you do have to fear accidentally kneeing your date in the crotch.

3. You Can Check If They Have… Rhythm


Dance requires rhythm, body awareness, a bit of attitude — all the things that you want in the bedroom. I’m not saying that only people who can dance are good in bed, but it can definitely help. You’ll at least be able to tell if there’s any spark between you immediately.

Originally posted on Bustle