This Is The Exact Time Most People Are Having Sex

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I wonder how many of friends are doing it right now?” we’re one step closer to it. New research has revealed what time people have sex, thanks to a survey in the UK of 1,000 people by Illicit Encounters. It turns out, the answer is… 10:24 p.m. on Saturday night. Not to be precise or anything. It’s interesting, because research has previously shown that women are hornier at nightand men are more in the mood in the morning, so it looks like women are are winning out. Although it is a dating website for married people, so perhaps this is when most people who are cheating are having sex.

I know that Saturday is typically date night, but I have to say I was surprised. Normally on date night wouldn’t you still be out on a Saturday? I’m much more likely to want to have a romp much later on a Saturday or, even better, lazy Sunday morning sex. That’s the dream, right? Maybe people are making too many brunch plans. The best time to have sex is actually 3 p.m., when women are hormonally primed. But that’s my vegan ice cream and Nutella time, and nothing is getting in the way of that.

The study revealed some other interesting info about when we like to have sex, because apparently sweat doesn’t bother anyone in the UK:

1. We Are Weekend Warriors


We really like the weekend for sex, which I guess makes sense because you have more time on your hands. Forty-two percent of people said Saturday was their favorite day, followed by 26 and 22 percent, for Sunday and Friday respectively. Poor old Monday got only one percent of the vote, but can you think of another way to make Monday less miserable? I doubt it.

2. Summer Sun Makes Us Horny


Even though I’m pretty sure summer sex is the worst , 62 percent of people voted the messy, salty, slip n’side experience as their favorite. 20 percent preferred winter and 14 percent liked spring. While poor little fall (or autumn, to impress your British friend) only got four percent of the votes.

3. We’re Short On Time


OK, so I get that it can’t always be spontaneous sex on the living room sofa or the kitchen floor, but has it really gotten to the point of scheduling? Turns out, it has. Forty-five percent of people are so busy that they’re scheduling sex in. It’s definitely better than not having it all. If you need to schedule it, then go for it, but try to surprise each other once in a while.

Originally posted on Bustle