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30 Sex Positions To Try In September 2018


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is officially over. OK, maybe not officially — but as September rolls in it certainly feels like summer is on its way out. But before you start to mourn the beach days and sunshine that are soon to be no more, don’t forget all of the amazing things about fall. Fall means crinkly leaves and warm scarves and, yes, it also means your classic PSL. But it also might mean your best sex ever — or at the very least, a chance to try out some great sex positions.

Though summer romances get a lot of credit, there’s actually something really romantic about cozying up in the fall. Not only that, I’m pretty convinced that summer sex is actually the worst. — it’s sweaty, slippy, and even more sweaty. Fall sex, on the other hand, is amazing. It’s a great way to warm up under the blankets as the leaves starts to turn and have sex where you probably won’t drown in your own sweat. Probably. So to celebrate the beginning of fall being in sight, here are 30 sex positions — one for every single day in September. That’s right: every single day. If you’re going to welcome in a month, you might as well be thorough about it, so let’s get going.

1. Modified Doggy

How It Works: Start in traditional doggy and then lower down to your elbows or, if you’re not a doggy fan, start laying on your stomach with a pillow under your hips, then slowly raise up to get the right angle.

Why It’s Great: If you like the feeling of sex from behind but find doggy a little too much, this is an awesome modification. It’s more intimate, less rough, but still incredibly intense.

2. The Double Dip

How It Works: OK, so it looks confusing — but just think of this as doggy style with an extra partner underneath. .

Why It’s Great: Talk about something for everybody — with one lucky partner in the middle is getting both doggy from behind and a more intimate connection with the person laying down. Just make sure to mix it up so everybody can try.

3. Woman On Top

How It Works: Have your partner lean against the wall or couch, while you climb on top of them. For more intensity, have them lift their knees up to help draw you closer.

Why It’s Great: This cowgirl variation puts you in control, but it feels a little more intimate and intense than traditional cowgirl. It’s great if you like taking charge but can find being on top a little awkward or distant.

4. The Crab Walk

How It Works: While your partner takes on a “crab walk” position (just like gym class), you should do the same — then slowly edge your way just above them and lower down.

Why It’s Great: This position looks a little weird but feels great, even if it can take a second to get into. You get an unusual and sexy view of each other and, once you get it right, you can relax and enjoy.

5. In A Chair

How It Works: While your partner sits in a chair, face them and straddle them — then slowly lower yourself down.

Why It’s Great: The face-to-face aspect is great for dirty talk or something more romantic — and a chair lets you bring this position all over the house.

6. Weak In The Knees

How It Works: While one of you lays back in a comfortable position, the other should (carefully) straddle your face. Either of you can control the pressure — or you can take turns.

Why It’s Great: Sometimes you want the attention all on one partner. This is a sexy, intense position that let’s you really focus — use your fingers, tongue, or even a toy.

7. Doggy Blowjob

How It Works: Another variation of doggy that works for a threesome, but this time you’re also giving a blowjob to the person underneath.

Why It’s Great: If you want to give and receive, this is a great position for you. It’s really intense, but if you like a lot of things happening at once then this has you covered.

8. Reverse Standing

How It Works: Standing near a wall (or something else to help you balance), lift one leg up slightly while your partner enters you from behind.

Why It’s Great: If you like the idea of sex standing up but you’re a little nervous, this variation gives you plenty of room to balance — and one free hand for clit-play, if you like.

9. The Sofa Brace

How It Works: Kneeling toward the edge of the couch, drape your torso over the arm for support while your partner enters you from behind.

Why It’s Great: This variation of doggy works great in a study, living room — or anywhere, really. Plus, it gives you some support along with all of that intensity.

10. X Marks The Spot

How It Works: Lay on your back and rest your legs against your partner while they stand. As they enter you, cross your legs at your knees or ankles — however feels comfortable.

Why It’s Great: This is really intense for you, while your partner gets a tight fit and you both get an amazing view. Play around with different leg positions to find which works best for both of you.

11. Doggy Style

How It Works: The classic — lean on all fours, with your partner behind you. You can experiment with how wide your knees are to find different intensities.

Why It’s Great: This position from behind gives you G-spot and clitoral stimulation, if you add your hand. It’s animalistic and intense, but in a way that a lot of people love.

12. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: This is an easy variation — think missionary but with a twist. For this position, start in missionary but hike your knees up, to help bring your pelvis more into alignment with your partner.

Why It’s Great: The alignment of this position is great for clitoral stimulation, which can make missionary a lot more exciting — plus, it’s a great one for staying cozy under a blanket.

13. Sideways Straddle

How It Works: Give yourself a few tries with this one, because it might take a little while to get comfortable. While your partner lays down, face away from them and straddle one thigh. Slowly lower yourself down and guide them inside of you.

Why It’s Great: It’s a totally unusual position that puts you in control, while giving your partner a great view. Don’t be afraid to use lube if it’s a tight fit.

14. Face-To-Face

How It Works: Facing your partner with your hips slightly higher than theirs, wrap your top leg over them as you guide them inside you.

Why It’s Great: A romantic, intimate position perfect for cozying up on a September evening, this position lets you really connect with your partner.

15. The Voyeur

How It Works: A great threesome position for beginners, one pair enjoys doggy style while the third person just sits back to watch — with their favorite toy, of course.

Why It’s Great: You can rotate through so everybody gets a turn, but it’s perfect for people who like to watch or want to ease their way into group sex.

16. The Cross

How It Works: While your partner lays on their side, lay perpendicular to them and hook your knees over their hips. Shimmy closer and guide them inside of you.

Why It’s Great: Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, this position gives you a unique view of each other as well as the opportunity for deep penetration. Add in your favorite toy for some great clitoral stimulation.

17. Spooning

How It Works: Both you and your partner lay on the same side and cuddle up into the classic spoon position — then use toys, fingers, lube and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Why It’s Great: This position is an unusual mix of being very intimate while also allowing penetration from behind. You can cuddle up, enjoy the feeling of closeness, and then focus on the G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

18. Lotus

How It Works: While your partner sits cross-legged, slowly lower down on top of them and guide them inside you, then wrap your arms and legs around them.

Why It’s Great: Is there any better way to get cozy in the fall then with a giant hug? This position might take some time (and lube) to get into, but when you get it right it’s cozy AF.

19. Blow Job

How It Works: Assume the doggy position but facing your partner, rather than facing away from them.

Why It’s Great: Oral sex is just as important as penetrative sex — and this position lets you really focus on that.

20. The Plow

How It Works: In traditional missionary, have your partner slowly (very slowlypull one of your knees up and over their shoulder. If that feels comfortable, add the other.

Why It’s Great: The intimacy of missionary but way deeper and more intense? Yes, please.

21. Modified 69

How It Works: Rather than approaching the 69 position with one of you on top, try both laying on your side.

Why It’s Great: 69 gets a bad wrap, but I think that’s partially because it’s such an awkward position to hold for any length of time. This variation, on your side, is way more comfortable, so you both can actually relax into it.

22. Doggy With Vibrator

How It Works: Take the classic doggy position and add your favorite toy — either you or your partner can be in control.

Why It’s Great: If you like the intensity of doggy, this position takes it up a notch with added clitoral stimulation.

23. The Butterfly

How It Works: Laying on your back with your legs resting on your partner’s chest, gently press on their shoulders with your ankles. At the same time, they should have their hands on your hips to help lift you up.

Why It’s Great: This position requires some strength and practice, but it’s sexy as hell when you get it right.

24. Cowgirl Kiss

How It Works: Two couples both get into the cowgirl position, but facing in opposite directions — this gives you the opportunity to get close and have some couple-crossover or just watch, if that’s what you’re into.

Why It’s Great: If you’re new to sex with another couple, this is a great position to help you get used it — the partners on top can lean over to kiss and play, but you can also stay separate.

25. The Bridge

How It Works: With your feet flat on the bed, hike your hips into the air while your partner raises to a high kneeling position.

Why It’s Great: This is a fun position to break up missionary and try something a little unusual. Plus, their hands are perfectly placed for a little clitoral stimulation. .

26. Advanced Crab Walk

How It Works: When you’re in the crab walk position, slowly raise one leg up onto your partner’s shoulder. If that feels comfortable, add the other.

Why It’s Great: This is an advanced position, so you can feel like totally accomplished and sexy AF if you nail it — just be liberal with the lube (and the patience).

27. Three-Legged Dog

How It Works: Standing with your legs slightly spread, lift one leg up and around your partner’s hip as they guide themselves inside of you. Try standing on something secure if you need a little more height to line up with your partner.

Why It’s Great: It’s an adventurous position, but because you’re face-to-face it still feels intimate. Just be sure to stay close to a bed if you’re not used to balancing like this.

28. The Splitter

How It Works: In missionary, your partner should lean back onto their heels and then into a high kneeling position, as you lay one leg on their chest. If you’re not particularly flexible, be sure to move very slowly.

Why It’s Great: With one leg raise and your partner being slightly higher than you, this position gives a totally unusual angle for penetration — and a great view.

29. Center Of Attention

How It Works: It’s all happening and, while it looks complicated, it actually all boils down to one threesome (complete with double penetration) and one voyeur soaking it all in.

Why It’s Great: A totally intense group sex position, this allows various levels of involvement, so one person gets a lot of attention, while another just watches. And, of course, you can rotate at your leisure.

30. Mirrored Spoon

How It Works: With two couples in the classic spooning position, you can lay as close together or as far apart as you want, depending if you want a voyeur-type feel or for everyone to get involved.

Why It’s Great: Want to finish September with a bang? Another position that lets you ease into group sex, this allows for tons of sexy eye contact — and a little crossover, if you want.

There we go — now every day in September can be its own celebration, because fall has so much more to offer than lattes.

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