7 Little Actions That People Value Most In A Relationship

What makes a happy relationship? There’s really no clear answer because everyone has their own priorities. Still, it can be interesting to get some insight into what makes other couples happy, especially over the long term. And that’s exactly what a survey of 972 American and European adults from Superdrug, the online doctor, aimed to find out.

The bad news is that almost one in four said that they were unsatisfied or “middling”when it came to their relationships, rather than satisfied. But on the other hand, that means the vast majority said they were satisfied with their relationship. But was making them happy? Well, the survey shows that, when it comes to finding someone who’s going to make you happy in the long run, it’s really the little things make a big difference.

“You need to look for the random acts of consideration and kindness,” psychologist Nikki Martinez tells Bustle. “These are the things that will make you last. For example, my toilet paper and paper towels have been magically refilled since a month into dating my husband.” That’s the dream.

What kept a couple happy? This survey broke down the little things that brought the most value into a relationship. And, you’ll be happy to know that two of the top five little things that make people value in a relationship were, well, food-based. Here’s what the Superdrug survey found.

1. Laughing At Their Jokes: 68%


Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed said that they valued their partner laughing at their jokes and that put it at number one. But that means that 32 percent of people didn’t say that laughing at their jokes was of value — do you have any idea how horrible it is when someone doesn’t laugh at your jokes? These people must have nerves of steel. Still, it proves that a shared sense of humor continues to important in a relationship.

2. Buys Food That They Like: 65%


Sixty-five percent of people said that the little gesture of buying your favorite foods was of value. This actually came in at number two for men and number three for women and, of course, it was number one in my heart.

3. Smiles Often/Randomly: 65%


Smiling “often” sounds a lot better than smiling “randomly”, which sounds a little creepy, but the survey shows that a little smile can go a long way. In fact, smiles were tied with buying foods that your partner likes as the second most valued little action. Food and smiles, huh?

4. Makes Them Meals: 60%


Awesome, back to food. Sixty percent of people said that they value when their partner makes them meals and that makes complete sense. Everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and that the quickest way to their heart is potatoes in their various fried forms. In fact, they should do whole list of just different types of fried potatoes and how much happiness they bring into a relationship.

5. Tells Them They’re Sexy Or Attractive: 54%


Being told your sex or attractive was only valued by 54 percent of the respondents. Interestingly, it came in at number four for women but didn’t even make the top 10 for men.

6. Makes Plans To Do Together: 53%


Who doesn’t love a good date night? Fifty three percent said that planning something to do as a pair was something they valued.

7. Soothes Them When They’re Upset: 49%


Finally, being soothed when you’re upset came in at number seven on the list. Which is sweet of course, but lest we forget that being soothed when you’re distressed is therefore less important than being bought and cooked food. I’ve never felt so understood.

Relationships are built on little moments. It’s not all about over-the-top gestures, it’s about the small things that make you feel valued, day-to-day. And when in doubt, food is always, always, always the answer.

Originally posted on Bustle