6 Fascinating Masturbation Facts

There are a lot of great reasons to masturbate. There’s a sense that you’re getting to know yourself and your needs better, there’s a self-care element, and there are tons of health benefits to orgasming.

“Masturbation is the best research study you can do on yourself,” Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai, pelvic health physical therapist and sex educator for LifeStyles Condoms, tells Bustle. “It is the best way to not only learn about your body, but to also understand how your pleasure can be cultivated through touch. It is not [a] secret that research has shown that women who masturbate [have] higher levels of self-esteem, positive body and genital image, as well as reporting higher satisfaction in their sex life.”

For some people, masturbation means a specific routine at a certain time of day. But others may be able to masturbate at any time and anywhere.

That’s why Nutaku, the world’s largest adult gaming platform, surveyed 10,761 customers about their masturbation history. From fantasies to public locations, some people have some very interesting masturbation habits. Here’s what the data found, because it may be time to start noticing who’s taking alone time in the office.

1. Nearly Half Of People Masturbate At Least Five Times A Week


Yes, at least five times a week. Nearly half of those surveyed were masturbating almost every single day. Warriors, each and every one of you.

2. Most People Have A Secret Fetish That They Masturbate To


Masturbation is arguably one of the most private things you can do, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a secretive aspect to it. Almost 60 percent of people said that they had a secret fetish that they masturbated to. Hey, as long as everything is legal and consensual, there’s no judgement here.

3. Over 40% Of People Have Masturbated In Public


In a slightly shocking twist, over 40 percent of respondents — close to half — have masturbated in public. I really hope that this is a discreet way, like in a changing room or a bathroom, rather than just wandering down the street scaring passersby. The urge is very strong sometimes, apparently, but no breaking the law, please.

4. A Surprising Number Of People Have Masturbated At Work


What’s going on at your office? Over 30 percent of those surveyed said that they had masturbated at work. So if more than three people work in your office — well, you do the math.

5. Around 1/3 Of People Have Masturbated To Their Ex


This one is a little grim, but also totally understandable. Over 30 percent of people surveyed had masturbated to their ex. Hopefully this was in the “remembering a super hot sexual encounter stored away for future use” sense and not the “crying while holding their photo and listening to Enya” sense.

6. Almost 1/4 Have Injured Themselves While Masturbating

giphy (62)

Safety first, everyone. Almost a quarter of respondents said they had injured themselves while masturbating. They didn’t say where or how they hurt themselves, but given the activity, it’s pretty easy to imagine.

Everybody has different needs, libidos, and masturbation habits — and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some people are going to be masturbating every day (even at the office), while others will be more private or sporadic. As long as you’re having fun and being safe, keep living your best masturbation life.

Originally posted on Bustle