How Many Millennials Are Having Sex Outside

As summer starts to come along, you may be feeling like having adventurous sex.The days are longer, you can spend more time outside and more time by the water, so it’s natural that some al fresco sex might follow, right? Well, according to theSKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, which surveyed 5,117 sexually-active Millennials, a lot of us are having sex on the beach— and I don’t mean the cocktail.

Changing location is a great way to change up your sex life. Not only is there just some new scenery, which is always fun, but when you have sex outside, it feels illicit and extra sexy, so I’m all about mixing it up. Also, when it gets hot and sticky, sex in bed can get significantly less sexy. I mean, you’re slippery, you stick to the sheets, you slide off of each other, and eventually end up cuddling in some kind of sweat puddle. Having sex outside is a much better— and less gross — option.

The most interesting thing about the survey was not just how many of us were changing up our sex positions, but who was the most likely to do it. Dr Emily Morse of Sex With Dr Emily, tells Bustle: “Not all millennials sexual awakenings were created equal. Older millennials who grew up in the 90’s lipsyncing to Britney Spears ‘naked’ while still in diapers grew up at a time when sex was still shocking. It was a time when it was still titillating to see people talking about sex on network television shows, in the media etc. Younger millennials have evolved into a more self-assured generation. Sex isn’t surprising or shocking to them and they look at sex in a more balanced way with far fewer judgments.” And it’s affected our sex habits.

Here’s what they found, because younger definitely doesn’t mean wilder:

1. 74 Percent Of Millennials Have Had Sex In The Shower Or Tub


I don’t know why nobody listens to me when I say shower sex is the wors t , because lots of people are still doing it in the shower or tub. Here’s to hoping it’s the tub.

2. 39 Percent Have Done It In The Hot Tub Or The Pool


Lots of people are getting down in hot tubs or pools, but you have to be careful because they are not the most sanitary places in the world and chlorine can upset your PH levels. Yeast infections, ahoy.

3. Less Than A Quarter Have Had Sex On The Beach


So it’s still a big chunk, but not as big as I would have guessed. The study found that 23 percent of Millennials had sex on the beach. And, having done it myself, it’s about 100 percent less sexy than you imagine it to be. I’m pretty sure almost all of them still haven’t gotten rid of the sand. That stuff hides everywhere.

4. Older Millennials Are More Likely To Have Sex In Public


Turns out 30-34 year-olds are more adventurous than the 18-24 year-old age group. While 25 percent of the older group has had sex outside, only 20 percent of the younger group has.

5. …And Outdoors


Similarly, 51 percent older Millennials have had outdoor sex compared to 40 percent of younger Millennials. I assumed that your teens and early 20s were prime ‘have sex outdoors so your parents can’t walk in on you’ time, but I guess that’s just if you grow up in rural New England. But the younger group has time to adventure in front of them, so odds are they’ll catch up.

Originally posted on Bustle