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7 Sex Positions You Haven’t Already Tried


If you want to try a great new sex position, let’s make sure that it’s really new. For a lot of us, “mixing it up” in the bedroom means a variation on an old position. Maybe a new angle or changing the power play of an old favorite. And don’t get me wrong, that can be great. But you’ll find there’s a better way to actually bond yourself together if you try something completely new and different. Because firstly, sometimes you need to just shake yourself out of routine. And trying something new that actually requires a bit of thinking rather than autopilot is the best way to do that.

Secondly, because when you do something together as a team, you feel closer, like you’ve achieved something together. Even if that thing is watching your partner fall out of a really difficult sex position and hitting their head. You may love old favorites, but something you haven’t tried is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. At least, in my dreams where doctors always prescribe sex positions for everything.

But if you’ve been having a lot of sex, you might need to wrack your brain to come up with a position you haven’t done (that’s actually obtainable). So here are seven positions that you haven’t tried, because they’re worth it. Remember, these positions work for two women as well.

1. Legs Up Crab Walk

How To Do It: It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but stay with me. Remember doing the crab walk in school? You both assume that position, then you shuffle over to them and slowly lower yourself. Slowly bump and grin and if you’re feeling bendy you can move your legs onto his shoulders — I should say, if you’re feeling very bendy. Otherwise the traditional one will suit your just find.

Why To Try It: It’s fun and different, and it also provides a really close position that focuses on grinding, so it’s a good way to slow down and get a rest. And you’ll feel really proud once you’ve done it.

2. The Seated Backbend

How To Do It: Start in missionary and while your partner helps by grabbing your hands or shoulders, they sit up as you lower back down until you’re lying on their legs. You can rest on your elbows if that’s too deep of a back bend and if you need some extra support you can always put a pillow under your back.

Why To Try It: Talk about deep. You get to lie back and enjoy the really deep penetration, while they have a great view and can play with your breasts or your clit — or why not both?

3. Three-Legged Dog

How To Do It: First, center yourself. You’re going to need it. Facing each other standing up, move one leg up over their hip while they gets as close as possible and enters you. Using lube or standing on something to even out your heights will help.

Why To Try It: Because you’ve tried it standing up, but let’s try it standing up on three legs. You can do it — all you need is teamwork.

4. Reclining

How To Do It: It’s an easy one. One of you lies back while the other straddles your face. Use fingers, hands, toys, pull your partner closer or let them control the pressure — there are a lot of ways to try.

Why To Try It: Because it’s like 69 but better— 69 can be distracting and feels somehow smaller than the sum of its parts. Really focusing on one of you makes it extra sexy, and you can always take turns.

5. Lotus

How To Do It: Your partner sits cross legged, while you lower yourself onto them and wrap your arms and legs around your partner. There’s deep penetration, so expect a lot of grinding and moving slowly.

Why To Try It: Because it’s so close and so intimate. It’s not a position that flows naturally from another, so you need to stop and take the time to try. But you’ll be able to connect, whisper, kiss, or dirty talk — and it’s so worth it.

6. Face To Face

How To Do It: Lie facing each other with your pelvis slightly above theirs. You wrap one leg over your partner as they move closer to enter you. It’ll be a tight fit and if it’s hard to find at first, don’t get discouraged — crack out the lube and move slowly, you’ll get there.

Why To Try It: It’s another close, intimate, deep pose — but in this one you can both be laying down. It’s basically the perfect lazy Sunday sex position, it just takes a bit of getting into. Give it a try.

7. Standing

How To Do It: Spread your legs slightly (stand on sometime if you need to even out your heights) while they can enter you from behind. Have them thrust slowly and deeply — you don’t need to topple over — and you lean over and enjoy the ride.

Why To Try It: Because if you’ve done it standing, you may as well try the most advanced variation. You’ll feel like a standing yoga flexible sex goddess, and your partner will get a raunchy position with a great view. Win-win.

Originally posted on Bustle

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