30 Best Sex Positions To Try In June 2018

If you’re two sexual people in a long-term relationship, keeping your sex life alive is important. It’s something that can really easily be left to slide — but it shouldn’t be.

“Sex is often seen as something we outgrow or can easily go without, but sexuality and intimacy are an expression of our life force, creativity and love, and must be expressed to be fully realized as a people,” Lauren Brim, a sexual wellness coach and author of The New Rules of Sex, tells Bustle. “If our sexuality isn’t being expressed, it will show up as problems in other areas of our body and life. Plus, sex is just too damn good for you to live your life without it!”

And one of the best ways to keep your sex life alive and well is through mixing things up and keeping the spontaneity there. So if you’re looking for a way to keep things spicy, here are 30 — yes, 30 — different sex positions. Why so many? Well, it’s enough that you can try a different position for every single day in June. Every day. If that doesn’t keep things exciting (and leave you covered in chafe marks), then I don’t know what will.

Ready to get started? Here’s a sex position for every day in the month of June.

1. The Cross



How To Do It: It’s fiddly to get into, but then it’s a nice and relaxing position. Your partner lays on their side with you on your back, laying perpendicular to them. Shimmy down and hitch your knees over their hips, guiding them inside of you.

Why It’s Great: It’s a relaxed position you can hold for a long time, and with a sexy view of each other. Plus, room for clit play.

2. Lotus

How To Do It: While your partner sits cross-legged, you should lower down onto them, guiding them inside of you. Then wrap your arms and legs around them.

Why It’s Great: It’s a position with incredibly deep penetration, while still being really intimate. And it’s great for eye contact or dirty talk.

3. Cowgirl Kiss


How To Do It: While you go into cowgirl with your partner, the other couple does the same facing the opposite direction. You can lean over to play with them or stick to your own partner.

Why It’s Great: If you want to try group sex but you’re nervous, this is a classic position that allows a little interaction without feeling overwhelming. And you get great views of each other.

4. Advanced Crab Walk


How To Do It: While your partner is in the crab position, you can mirror them and use lube to help guide them inside of you. Then, slowly and carefully, pick one leg up and rest your ankle on their shoulder. If it’s comfortable, try the other.

Why It’s Great: It’s a really intense position — and you’ll feel like rockstars if you can hold it for more than 40 seconds. Challenge yourself.

5. The Splitter

How To Do It: In missionary, your partner should lean back onto their heels before rising to their knees as you stretch one leg up and rest it on their chest.

Why It’s Great: It gives this classic position a whole new angle — and it’s a pretty good hamstring stretch.

6. Face-To-Face

How To Do It: Face your partner, laying slightly higher than they are on the bed, then hook one leg over their top hip. You may need lube or to try a few different angles, so just be patient.

Why It’s Great: It’s a romantic position that still gives you plenty of sensation — perfect for a lazy Sunday.

7. The Voyeur



How To Do It: While one pair of you goes for doggy style, the third person watches with their favorite toy. Make sure you can make eye contact and, if you want, you can get close enough to touch.

Why It’s Great: The voyeuristic angle gives this position a kinky twist, but you still get to feel connected. Just make sure to take turns.

8. The Plow

How To Do It: Think missionary, but then lift one of your legs onto your partner’s shoulders (they can help). If that feels good, the other can join in. Move slow.

Why It’s Great: This is a really deep and intense position, but it still has the connected feeling of missionary. It takes the classic position up a notch.

9. Reclining

How To Do It: One of you lays back with your knees bent, while the other sits in between your legs. Fingers, tongue, toys — anything is fair game.

Why It’s Great: Sometimes it can be nice for one person to get all of the attention — this gives you total free range. Just switch halfway through, to keep everything fair.

10. The Double Dip


How To Do It: It seems complicated with three people, but it’s really just doggy style with an extra partner laying on their back underneath.

Why It’s Great: One person in the middle is getting a lot of sensations, but it’s really the mix of the ruggedness of doggy style with the intimacy of the two who are face-to-face that makes this position stand out.

11. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: Find a sofa or something else you can lean over, then get into doggy style position but with your torso resting on it. This should ease the pressure.

Why It’s Great: If you like doggy but sometimes find it too intense, this twist makes it a lot more gentle — but every bit as sexy. Plus, you can do it anywhere.

12. Standing

How To Do It: Stand with your feet slightly apart and bend over — making sure you’re near something that you can catch your balance on. Your partner should enter you slowly from behind, but don’t be afraid to find something to stand on if your heights don’t line up.

Why It’s Great: This position is amazing for G-spot stimulation, but it also is great for a raw, fun quickie. Just stay close to a wall or a bed your first time.

13. Spoon


How To Do It: Get into your favorite cuddling position and then wrap one arm around for finger and toy play — you can also stimulate from the front and behind at the same time for a more intense sensation.

Why It’s Great: It’s really intimate and relaxing, but still allows for a lot of different angles.

14. In A Chair Variation


How To Do It: While your partner sits in a chair, turn away from them and lower yourself down. If your feet hit the floor, it’s a great position for grinding and bouncing. If not, let them take control.

Why It’s Great: The positioning allows for great G-spot stimulation, while you still have the intimacy of being able to whisper to each other. And both of your hands are free for nipple and clit play.

15. Center Of Attention

How To Do It: There’s a lot happening here. One couple is in doggy but with another partner underneath for easy double penetration action, while the fourth person watches or uses a spare hand to get involved.

Why It’s Great: If you want to go for something intense, this is it. This position means that one person is getting a lot of sensations. It’s also great for power play. Rotate halfway through so everyone gets to try.

16. X Marks The Spot


How To Do It: While your partner stands in front of the bed or table, you relax and rest your legs on their chest. Cross your legs at the knee or ankle — whatever’s more comfortable — as they guide themselves inside of you.

Why It’s Great: The unusual angle provides plenty of new sensations, while you get a sexy view of each other. Plus, your hands are free to roam.

17. Doggy With Vibrator

How To Do It: Take your traditional doggy style, but get your favorite toy involved. You or your partner can take turns with it, depending on who you want to be in control.

Why It’s Great: Doggy style is already great for G-spot stimulation, but this vibrator option lets your clit get involved too — so it’s all happening.

18. Three-Legged Dog

How To Do It: Standing facing your partner and hike one leg up over their hip as they guide themselves inside of you. Lube can be a total savior in this position — or you can try it with your back against the wall for extra support.

Why It’s Great:  If you want a standing position that’s still intimate, this variation gives you that face-to-face twist.

19. Doggy Blow Job


How To Do It: Use one partner for doggy style, while the other lays in front of you for oral.

Why It’s Great: If you like intensity — or like the idea of giving and receiving — this position can leave you overwhelmed, in the best possible sense.

20. The Bridge

How To Do It: While your partner raises up to their knees, push your feet flat on the floor and push your hips up. You might feel it in your glutes, and it will be worth it.

Why It’s Great: It’s a great angle for a new sensations and clit play — and you’ll get your butt workout in, all at the same time.

21. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: It’s like traditional missionary, but with your legs pulled up and around your partner to change the angle of your pubic bones.

Why It’s Great: The way your pubic bones line up in this position make it great for female orgasm, so you can really make this missionary variation work for you. And it’s still intimate.

22. Woman On Top


How To Do It: With your partner leaning against the wall, straddle them and lower down. They can pull you closer by bending their knees.

Why It’s Great: If you don’t love cowgirl, this gives you a softer, more intimate woman-on-top option where you’re still in charge.

23. Side Splitter

How To Do It: This is a tricky one, until you get the hang of it. Facing away from your partner, straddle one of their legs while they bend it at the knee. Lower yourself down — using lube if you have to — and play around until you find a comfortable fit.

Why It’s Great: This position is best done when it’s slow and intense. They get a great view of you — and you get to be in control.

24. 69 Variation

How To Do It: Take the classic 69 position but try it with both of you laying on your side for a more comfortable variation.

Why It’s Great: Not everyone likes 69, largely because it’s so uncomfortable it can feel overwhelming. This position allows you to relax into it and really feel all of the sensations.

25. Sitting


How To Do It: While one of you sits on the edge of the bed, the other kneels on the floor. You can use tongues, fingers, or toys.

Why It’s Great: It’s a position so comfortable for both of you that you could stay for hours — and it makes it really easy to incorporate any extras.

26. Tag Team

How To Do It: Lay back while one partner stands at the end of the bed — rest your legs on their chest. The second partner straddles your face, so you can go in for some oral while the other partner focuses on penetration.

Why It’s Great: If you want it all, this has it all. It’s rare for a threesome position to have everyone involved in something different and amazing, but this does it.

27. Double Stuff

How To Do It: Straddle one partner in a traditional cowgirl position, but with another partner behind you for anal doggy style. Make sure to keep the communication going, because things can get intense.

Why It’s Great: If you’ve been wanting to try double penetration, this position is a great way to ease into it.

28. Modified Doggy


How To Do It: In doggy style, collapse onto your elbows (you can also start laying down and push yourself up). If it’s not comfortable, add a pillow under your hips for an extra boost.

Why It’s Great: It’s a more intimate take on doggy but it still has all of the great G-spot stimulation.

29. In A Chair

How To Do It: Have your partner face you while sitting in a chair, then sit down and guide them inside of you.

Why It’s Great: It’s perfect for more intense bouncing or more subtle grinding — and you get eye contact and intimacy the whole time.

30. Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: While your partner lays down, face their feet and lower yourself onto them. You can lean forward and put your weight on your hands or lean back and bounce.

Why It’s Great: It’s the ultimate on-top position. You go for it, they get an incredible view, and everyone’s happy.

June has arrived and that means summer’s here — so it’s time to get going.

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