How Often Do Women Masturbate?

Masturbating is totally normal and because it let’s you learn about what you really want, it can greatly improve your sex life. But despite so the fact that most people masturbate, we still don’t talk about it enough. So TENGA, a designer of pleasure products for men, interviewed 1,200 Americans about their masturbation habits, why they do it, and the effects that it has on their relationship, and more. And there was a definite difference between the sexes.

I mean, it’s old news that women masturbate — thank god we no longer think of it as a strictly male activity. In fact, women love to masturbate. We masturbate, watch porn, and a lot of us like it rough. I have a high sex drive, which is why I was surprised to find that women masturbate on average eight times per month — or about twice a week, compared to men who masturbate about 15 times a month, or every other day.

Because I’m definitely more in the orgasm a day category, that seems really low to me, but considering I have some friends who hardly ever masturbate, it makes sense as an average. For a lot of people, it ebbs and flows (during a stressful time at work my friend said she became obsessed with masturbating, but other times can go weeks without it). It’s about whatever works for you.

Here’s what else they found about women and masturbation, because we are definitely not scared of toys:

1. The Majority Of Women Have Masturbated At Some Point

Respondents estimated that 68 percent of women have masturbated at some point in their lives, but the actual number was 81 percent. So even though most people understand that women are just as sexual as men, some still just don’t get it. Granted, 95 percent of men who responded have masturbated at some point in their lives and people guessed that only 84 percent of men had, so there are underestimations happening all around. People love masturbating, everyone. Let’s get on board.

2. Nearly A Third Of Women Prefer It To Sex

Thirty percent of women said that they found masturbation more pleasurable than having sex with another person, compared to 21 percent of men. At first I was surprised, because I would always think that sex was preferable to masturbation, but then I realized I was thinking about  good sex. Sex can be bad, really bad. And masturbation is always better than bad sex, because at least you’re getting what you want.

3. Almost Half Of Women Own A Sex Toy

In the U.S., 42 percent of women own a sex toy, while less than half of men — 20 percent— do. To me, that number seems low because I feel like every woman I know owns a vibrator, but apparently more women like to go acoustic than I thought. Not only are women more likely to own sex toys, they’re more likely to really enjoy them— 76 percent of women who own a sex toy said that it improved the “sexual experience of masturbation”, only 58 percent of male sex toy owners said the same. Maybe women just really know how to use them.

Originally posted on Bustle