31 Best Sex Positions To Try In May 2018

If you need to boost your sex life, one of the easiest ways to do that is by trying a new sex position. In fact, even if your sex life doesn’t feel boring, it can be good to try something new to keep that spark alive — rather than let it die out and trying to reignite it. Because as soon as one of you starts feeling a bit “meh” in the bedroom, it can have a major effect on your relationship.

“A relationship is like a bicycle, when one of the wheels is flat, it will still go, but not well,” Eric Marlowe Garrison, sex and relationship counselor, and author of the book Mastering Multiple Position Sex tells Bustle. “Even if only one partner is in that sex rut, it’s going to affect the relationship sexually. When you need something that your partner doesn’t need, it’s difficult to understand why they don’t need it.”

So, for the lovely month of May, what about trying something different? Here are 31 sex positions — one for every single day in May. From kinky to vanilla, gay and straight, group sex and classic couple, there’s a little bit of everything. Even if you only try a few positions, it’s a great way to keep the spark alive. You can thank me later.

1. X Marks The Spot


How To Do It: Lay on the bed or a tabletop while your partner stands up. Rest your legs on their chest while they enter you. You can cross your legs at the knee or ankle — whatever feels comfortable.

Why It’s Great: You get a sexy, unusual view of each other, plus deep penetration. You can even use one of your hands for clit play to make it all the more intense.

2. Reverse Chair

How To Do It: While your partner sits in a chair, lower down onto them while you face away. You can bump or grind, and it’s perfect for dirty talk.

Why It’s Great: You can do this sex position in so many sexy locations. And, it’s intimate while giving you great G-spot stimulation.

3. Doggy Blow Job

How To Do It: It’s traditional doggy style with a twist. Have an extra partner laying down, so you can give while you receive.

Why It’s Great: You get a little bit of everything in this super intense position. It’s just all of the sensations.

4. Mirrored Spoon


How To Do It: Take the spooning position but double it. Make sure you face toward each other. You can get even closer if the inner spoons want to kiss.

Why It’s Great: It’s intimate but also kinky, which is perfect if you want to ease your way into group sex.

5. Weak In The Knees

How To Do It: While one of you lays back, the other straddles right above your head. The person on top can control the pressure and the intensity.

Why It’s Great: If you want to really go for oral, this is position is so ~in your face~.

6. Three-Legged Dog

How To Do It: Face each other while standing up (near something sturdy for balance). Lift one leg up and over your partner’s hip — they should help stabilize you. You may need lube or something to stand on, so play around.

Why It’s Great: If you get this right, you’ll feel like a total rockstar. It’s challenging but also really satisfying.

7. Doggy With Vibrator

How To Do It: Take the classic doggy position and add in your favorite toy so either you or your partner can have control.

Why It’s Great: Doggy gives you the G-spot stimulation and your toy gives you the clit stimulation. Talk about blended bliss.

8. Woman On Top


How To Do It: While your partner leans back against the wall (or on the couch), straddle them. They can lift their knees up slightly to bring you closer together.

Why It’s Great: It’s slower and more intimate than cowgirl, but you still get to be in control.

9. The Bridge

How To Do It: With your feet flat on the bed, lift your hips upward while your partner raises onto their knees. They can use their hands to help support you.

Why It’s Great: It’s a great view for the both of you and it’s a really unusual position. Just watch out for the glute burn.

10. The Voyeur

How To Do It: While one pair goes for doggy style, the other watches and masturbates. Add in your favorite vibrator to take it up a notch.

Why It’s Great: There’s plenty of stimulation happening, plus everybody feels like they’re doing something a little taboo. You get to watch and be watched.

11. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: It’s really similar to traditional missionary, but in this case, your legs are hooked around your partner and their pelvis is slightly higher than normal.

Why It’s Great: This position helps align your pubic bones, so not only is intimate but it’s also great for orgasm.

12. Doggy Style


How To Do It: Get on all fours and move your legs while your partner enters you. Try moving your legs closer together and then further apart so you can experiment with the different sensations.

Why It’s Great: It’s a classic for a reason. It’s intense, you can play around with how tight or fast you like it, and it’s got a really animalistic edge.

13. Butterly

How To Do It: This one requires some strength, especially from your partner. Lay on the edge of the bed and rest your legs on their front, hooking your ankles over their shoulders for support. They can place their hands on your hips and help lift you up.

Why It’s Great: You get amazing views of each other, it’s really unusual, and you can use a free hand for clit play.

14. Cowgirl Kiss

How To Do It:  Double your cowgirl, double your fun. Make sure you’re close enough to other couple if you want to add in some kissing or caressing.

Why It’s Great: You’re in control, but you also get another couple to play with if you want.

15. Spooning

How To Do It: Lay in the classic cuddly position, with your pelvis slightly higher up than your partner’s. Lift your top leg to help guide them inside of you and use lube if necessary.

Why It’s Great: It’s intimate, it’s intense, and it’s got great G-spot stimulation. Oh, and it’s perfect for clit play.

16. Center Of Attention


How To Do It: Straddle a partner who’s laying down, while another does the same behind you, lining yourself up for double penetration. The fourth partner can watch and masturbate. Swap if you want to.

Why It’s Great: If you’re into group sex but still want a power play, this position lets you have it all.

17. Sideways Straddle

How To Do It: Facing away from your partner, straddle one of their legs and slowly lower yourself down. This is a position where lube can really help, so don’t be shy.

Why It’s Great: They get a great view and you get to be on top but with some added support. Plus, it’s great for your G-spot.

18. Blow Job

How To Do It: Instead of a blow job with your partner on their back, try it with them kneeling and you on all fours.

Why It’s Great: This position allows you to totally mix up oral sex .

19. The Cross

How To Do It: While your partner lays on their side, lay on your back perpendicular to them with your legs over their hip. Shimmy down until they’re inside of you and then lay back and enjoy.

Why It’s Great: You both get to relax, but it’s also a deep, intense position. It’s a weekend morning dream.

20. Double Dip


How To Do It: Think of it as a doggy style with a bonus player — aka another partner underneath you.

Why It’s Great: You’re having a really intimate moment with the partner underneath, combined with the more animalistic doggy style behind you. Together, they make a great juxtaposition.

21. Side 69

How To Do It: The classic oral sex position but, instead of one of you on top of the other, try it with both of you laying on your side.

Why It’s Great: Some people find 69 lackluster because there’s too much going on, but this variation is more grounded.

22. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: It’s like doggy style, but with your torso draped over the end of your couch or any bolster that’s comfortable.

Why It’s Great: This position lets you get the intensity of doggy style but with added support from the couch. You can even lay down a little lower into the couch to try another variation.

23. Tag Team

How To Do It: It’s the butterfly position with an added oral twist.

Why It’s Great: Another position where you can give and receive — but this one is even more intense.

24. Crab Walk


How To Do It: While your partner gets in the crab position, do the same and crawl over to them, slowly lowering yourself down and guiding them inside of you.

Why It’s Great: It’s a totally out-there position but once you get it right, you can relax into it and get a deep connection.

25. Double Stuff

How To Do It: You straddle one partner and lay down, while the other one kneels behind you. It’s intense, so take it slow.

Why It’s Great: If you’re up for a little double penetration, this position may be the easiest way to give it a go. There’s a lot happening, so use lube and take it at your own pace.

26. The Lotus

How To Do It: While your partner sits cross-legged, lower down onto them. Once they’re inside of you, wrap your arms and legs around their torso.

Why It’s Great: It’s tricky to get into, but once you’re there it’s really intimate and relaxing. Enjoy the grinding motion, or lean back and play with your clit.

27. Standing Doggy

How To Do It: Facing away from your partner and toward a wall, lift one leg up as they enter you from behind. Lube helps. It really, really helps.

Why It’s Great: It’s an easy option if you’re new to standing sex because you’ve got the wall there to support you.

28. The Plow


How To Do It: In missionary, have your partner help you lift one leg up and rest it on their shoulder. If that feels good, the other leg can join.

Why It’s Great: It’s a deep, intense variation on missionary, but you still get that face-to-face connection.

29. Standing Rear Entry

How To Do It: Stand with your feet slightly wide for a stable base, and then lean over toward your toes as your partner enters you from behind.

Why It’s Great: This position will require balance but after a month of practice, it’s the right time to try.

30. Reclining

How To Do It: One partner leans back while the other kneels between their legs. You can use fingers, toys, or even your mouth.

Why It’s Great: One partner gets pampered and the other one really gets to go for it. It’s an awesome choice for taking turns.

31. Reverse Cowgirl


How To Do It: Facing away from your partner, straddle them and guide them inside you. Lean forward to support yourself on your hands or lean back and enjoy the ride.

Why It’s Great: You’re just going for it, while they get an outstanding view. You go, girl.

There you go — you’ve got a sex position a day for an entire month. Now go forth and enjoy them all.

Originally posted on Bustle