The Biggest Turn-Offs In Other People, According To Reddit

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When it comes to what makes someone interested and what turns someone off, it can all be down to the individual. Some of us have quirks and pet peeves that are totally unique to us — things that annoy us even though they’re fine to everyone else. But some major turn-offs are more universal — things like being arrogant or being cruel to others is just not going to be a turn-on for many people.

recent AskReddit thread asked people about their biggest turn-offs, the things that would instantly make them go off of someone, and the results were really interesting. Partially because some of them were very specific and some of them were more universal, but also because of the turn-offs themselves. While some people seemed deeply affected by more superficial things like teeth and clothes, others were more turned off by people’s character. We all have very different ideas of what’s important and of what makes a good first impression — but it’s a good reminder to just be yourself, because there’s no way in hell you’re ever going to impress everyone.

So what were some of the biggest turn-offs people had? The things that really would make someone change their mind about you right away? Well, here’s what the real people had to say.

1. When Someone Lies


Lying came up a few times on the list, and it’s easy to see why. Trust is everything and lying makes that pretty impossible. It’s enough to turn a lot of people right the hell off.

2. When Someone Is Inconsiderate


This one is so specific and bizarre but also know exactly what they are talking about because it pisses me right off too. 

3. When Someone Isn’t Kind


Kindness might not seem like the coolest trait out there, but it should be. It’s so important in a relationship to have kindness and empathy.

4. When Someone’s Breath Stinks


It can be a hard one to get over.

5. When Someone Smokes


Yup, that does it for a lot of people. Smoking isn’t cool, kids. Remember that.

6. When Someone Has Poor Dental Hygiene


I kind of like that this person said “dirty teeth” specifically, rather than bad breath, because I’m not really sure what the difference is — but this person knows what they want.

7. When Someone Bad Mouths Someone Else


This is a really important one. If someone does nothing but talk badly their exes or important people in their life, it could be a warning sign.

8. When Women Put Other Women Down


Never OK. The “I’m not other girls” line has no place — ever — because other girls are the best. 

9. When Someone Insults Other People


There’s definitely a line between teasing and making other people feel small so you feel good. When you cross that line, people don’t like it.

10. When Someone Doesn’t Love Themselves


It can be difficult to love someone if they don’t already love themselves first.

11. When Someone Is Selfish


Selfishness is definitely a turn-off — but it also makes having a relationship with someone really difficult. You want to have a partner who is reliable and will be their for you, not someone who’s always obsessing over their own issues.

12. When Someone…


I don’t know what this even means but I freaking love it. This person is not messing around. They know what they want and they’re not putting up with any more big neck holes in their life, thank you. 

Different people have different likes and dislikes, but there are some turn-offs we can all agree with — basically, just don’t be a crappy person, OK? That’s what most of these boil down to. Treat people nicely and watch your neck holes.