A Ranking Of The Best Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

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TGIF. It’s the end of the week and time for the best type of sex — or at least my favorite. Weekend sex. When you have enough time, when you get do it in the afternoon, when you get to relax and eat a pizza made of Oreos afterward. Or something. It’s a time to relax or experiment, whatever tickles your fancy.

In fact, I find that a lot of my best sex sessions come at the weekend. The lack of urgency and being more well rested can mean that you really get to relax into it. And more relaxed sex, for a lot of us, means better sex. My friends find they have their best orgasms when they’re the most relaxed, and I have to say that I agree.

So take some time to experiment this weekend. No matter what your favorite kind of sex is— strenuous, lazy, adventurous, or intimate — there’s a position to suit you. And maybe you’ll find a new favorite, because there are plenty of options out there. If you’ve been waiting to incorporate a toy, some lube, or even a strategically placed pillow, then this is your chance. Try something new.

Here are a ranking of the best sex positions to try this weekend, because they all have something unique to offer.

1. Sofa Brace


How To Do It: It’s great, because it’s the same doggy style you know and love just with your upper half braced against a sofa. You can use a hand for clit play and separate your legs more or less to play with the pressure.

Why To Try It: Because it requires a sofa, it’s got the benefit of being a familiar position and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone at the same time. Plus, it involves really deep penetration. That’s enough to put it at number one.

2. Standing


How To Do It: Spread your legs as much as you need to and bend over as they enters you from behind. Try different angles — and don’t be afraid to use lube or even stand on something to even out the height.

Why To Try It: Because it’s kind of tricky, but you have the time to play around at the weekend. And you’ll feel awesome if you master it.

3. Reclining


How To Do It: One partner rests on their back while the other sits on their heels in between your legs. Then use fingers, hands, or try a toy. (Just make sure to switch at some point — fair is fair).

Why To Try It: It’s a nice, relaxed lazy Sunday position that makes sure you’re really focusing on your partner — or they’re really focusing on you. Everybody takes their time and gets what they need. Toy play keeps it in the top three.

4. Reverse Cowgirl


How To Do It: Straddle your partner facing their feet and slowly lower yourself down. Then, brace yourself with your hands — you can be pitched forward or back, whatever feels comfortable. Or use a hand for some clit play.

Why To Try It: It’s basically the ultimate female power position. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

5. Legs Up Missionary


How To Do It: Start in regular missionary, then either you or your partner starts moving your legs up onto their shoulders. It’s a really intense position — in a great way — but move slow, especially if you’re not flexible.

Why To Try It: It’s got all the intimacy of missionary but with much deeper penetration and so much more intensity. It’s the best of both worlds, so it comes in at number five.

6. In A Chair

giphy (3)

How To Do It: Have your partner sit in a chair facing you, before you straddle them and lower yourself down. For a twist, you can also face away from them and try the same thing.

Why To Try It: It’s really damn sexy. It’s intimate, deep, and a change of place. And you get to be in control.

7. Modified Doggy


How To Do It: Either start in doggy and collapse onto your forearms or start laying on your stomach with a pillow under your hips. Then your partner should lay on top and enter you from behind.

Why To Try It: One of my faves. It’s got G-spot access because it’s from the back, it’s intense, it’s intimate — and there are opportunities for clit play and dirty talk. Damn.

Now go enjoy your weekend!