7 Reasons Why The Best Time To Have Sex Is Right After Work

Originally posted on Bustle

So many of my friends worry if they’re having enough sex — or complain about the fact that they know they’re not having enough. With busy lives, they have trouble fitting it in, but I think if you look hard enough, there’s always time. “Sex can be incorporated into your everyday routine,” Rachel Needle, Psy.D., licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist in West Palm Beach, Florida, tells Bustle. “Now, that doesn’t mean you have to have sex every day, but making an effort to touch and kiss passionately (not just peck, but with tongue and all) every day will help you to feel more connected to your partner.”

Having some kind of passionate connection every day is important, but don’t let your habit of going all the way slide too far away from you. “Having sex regularly can do the same, so make it a regular part of your week,” Needle says.

But we’re all busy people. And honestly, I’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is to embrace having sex in the evening. It may sound niche, but I think it’s really underrated. Basically, if you and your partner are both busy and tired, when bedtime rolls around, it can be easy to let the sex slide. But often there’s this time when you’re both vegging out in front of Netflix or browsing the internet earlier in the night before dinner that I think is actually prime time for sex.

I like sex. I like sleep. So having sex cut your TV time short rather than your sleep time makes so much more sense to me. Sex and sleep are needs like food and waterwhere TV is more like a religion that may want to touch base with occasionally. So when you get home from work or when you would normally just be chilling out, that’s the best time to be getting frisky.

Not convinced? Here’s why evening sex is the best.

1. You’re More Awake


Sure, it’s been a long day, but you’ve still got some kick left in you. Rather than waiting until bedtime when you’re half asleep, why not go for the gold when you still have the energy to make it great? Oh, and it means that you can actually have plenty of time for sleep later. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. You Can Look Forward To It All Day


Send a few naughty texts back and forth or just enjoy knowing that you’re going to surprise your partner with a move as soon as you’re both home from work. Either way, it’s a way more fun way to pass the day.

3. You Can Pass The Time While Dinner Is Simmering


It’s basically what slow cookers are made for.

5. You’ll Work Up An Appetite


Feel like skipping your spin class on your way home from work? This is a much better way to get some cardio in — and you’ll work up an appetite for dinner and sleep like a baby later.

6. You Can Enjoy The Glow

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That warm and fuzzy feeling that you get after sex? You can actually enjoy that. Having sex when you both get home from work will set you up for an intimate, cozy evening together with plenty of feels.

7. There’s Still Time For Round Two


It doesn’t need to be just evening sex. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous — or just particularly horny — you can go for another round before bed. Or you could get some sleep, the choice is yours.

I know that it’s not as common, but I am 100 percent in favor of evening sex. If you embrace it into your routine regularly, it can be a total game-changer.