The 13 Most Surprising Places People Have Had Sex In America

Originally posted on Bustle

When it comes to the best places to have sex, not all of them happen inside the bedroom. Hell, not all of them even happen inside the house. Some people are very partial to having sex in some wilder locations, according to a survey from EdenFantasys, the sex toy retailer. They surveyed over 2,000 Americans and found that more people than you might think are choosing to have their sex somewhere risky. In fact, 69 percent of participants have gotten frisky somewhere they could get caught — and yes, that’s a huge percentage.

And it makes sense, because having sex outside the bedroom can be extra sexy. “Spontaneous sex outside of the bedroom breaks the pattern of sameness and transforms the monotony of errands into exciting adventures,” Susan Winter, relationship expert and bestselling author of Allowing Magnificencetells Bustle. “From department store changing rooms to restaurant bathrooms, a variety of options are available to reboot your sex life. The only thing required is imagination. The goal is to find new opportunities to replicate the heat of a budding tryst and infuse that passion back into an established relationship.”

So maybe it’s no surprise that there were some huge benefits that came along with having sex somewhere dangerous. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said it made them feel happier, while 38 percent said it made them enjoy the sex more.

“We didn’t expect to see so many people were spicing it up outside their bedrooms,” Fred Petrenko, Founder and CEO of, tells Bustle. “This is a great indicator of how open-minded and inclusive the American couples have become.” But perhaps the most surprising thing was that around seven out of 10 participants said that having sex somewhere wild actually made them feel closer to their partner. So it’s not all about the carnal thrills — there’s some real intimacy in there as well.

Although it’s not all fun and games: 23 percent of those who responded said they’d been caught at least once. So be sure not to do anything too risky or illegal. But where exactly are people getting down? Well, these were the most surprising places, according to EdenFantasy.

1. A Phone Booth At Epcot


It’s the most magical place on earth — and they decided to have sex in a tiny, transparent part of it. That sounds frankly exhausting.

2. A Fast Food Drive Thru


Why couldn’t they have waited? In mere seconds you would have been no longer in the drive thru — that’s their nature.

3. Behind A Convenience Store During The Day


Everything about this makes me feel sad inside.

4. Their Boss’ New Desk

giphy (86)

Yikes. Although at my old office two people — one of them recently married — got caught having sex in the boss’ wheelie chair. Neither of them got fired. Maybe it’s a thing?

5. The Bathroom At Burger King



6. The Dentist’s Chair


With the dentist? Not with the dentist? Was there being work done? This opens up a lot of questions.

7. While Driving 70 mph Down I-95

giphy (62)

I mean, that’s just silly. And ridiculously unsafe. Please, please don’t do this.

8. The Empire State Building


This is another one that could of had a lot of different options — on the viewing deck? In the lobby? I want to know where this happened.

9. Historic Indian Reservation

giphy (3)

OK, so this one definitely isn’t surprising if you’re Native American, so I’m assuming someone did it just passing through?

10. On A Train Track


OH MY GOD IT’S LIKE THESE PEOPLE WANT TO DIE. Not on a train track, not while flying a plane, not while riding an elephant — there are some places sex just shouldn’t happen.

11. In A Barn With Animals Everywhere


Like…like, watching — right? They weren’t involved in the process, I’m assuming?

12. Underneath The Stage Of A Concert


OK, this is pretty bad ass, although I imagine that it was also actually really, really loud. I guess the good news is you can be as loud as you want without anyone noticing.

13. In A Courthouse Bathroom Before Appearing In Front Of A Judge


Wow. This is like my Law and Order: SVU dreams come true, but it also seems like a really bad real-life move. If you’re going before a judge, please focus on that.

OK, so there are definitely a lot of surprising places you can have sex — and some of them I definitely wouldn’t recommend. But if it’s safe and legal, why not mix it up? An air of danger might do you good.