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What Is Sex For The First Time Really Like? 13 People On What They Didn’t Realize Until They Actually Did It

Originally posted on Bustle

Before you have sex for the first time, you can have some really weird perceptions about it— or just not understand it all. I didn’t realize a penis had some bend to it, so I couldn’t see how you could have sex in any position other the woman-on-top without his penis breaking off. But it turns out, I’m not alone. An AskReddit thread about misconceptions about sex that people had and things they didn’t realize about sex until they actually had it will make you feel better about all the questions your teenage self had.

And you know what? It’s nobody’s fault. Sex is confusing, and not everybody gets comprehensive sex education. Even if you were like me and had decent sex ed, it’s not like they go into the details about how sex works. You’re not getting an instruction manual, you’re getting an aerial view. And we pick up weird impressions from the media and porn all the time — there were so many people on this thread saying they assumed semen would be really sticky like glue or that they didn’t realize all the noises that would happen. It’s totally natural. But seeing what people thought will make you feel better and give you a laugh in the process.

1. This Beautiful Innocence


I kind of wish that was what it meant — that we were all just stuck together until we orgasm.

2. The Mess


This. All of this.

3. The Dribble


It sure can swim.

4. What?


OK, I definitely didn’t know that.

5. We’re Not Tunnels, People


And when you reach it, we know. 

6. The Cramps


And how they can immediately kill the mood — and leave you writhing in pain.

7. The Queef/Orgasm


This is beautiful.

8. Noises


Squelch, squelch, slap, groan, squelch.

9. Doggy Style Confusion


You were not alone in this, my friend.

10. The Shakes


Everyone orgasms differently — and some of them are intense. 




12. The Lost Condom


Yeah, that’s never a fun night. Thank god those vaginas have an end point.

13. The Heat


Now that’s a surprise.

So if you thought sex was done through the belly button, like one of my friends, or didn’t understand where everything goes — you weren’t alone. Sex is really confusing until you get there. And sometimes even after that.

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