13 People On The Weirdest Place They’ve Had Sex

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Sex is an important part of your relationship, so even if that area isn’t lacking, it’s always good to pay attention to ways you can keep it fresh. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to boost your sex life — but you might have to think outside the box (and bedroom).

Being spontaneous is key,” Dr. Draion M. Burch , OB/GYN and Astroglide TTC Sexual Health Advisor, tells Bustle.Quickies on your lunch break can be fun, but don’t skip out on the foreplay. Foreplay starts with simple things: kissing, caressing, touching every part of each other’s bodies. You can have sex with your partner before starting your work day, during your breaks, during lunch, or even after work. Visit your partner at their job for a little excitement. FaceTime him or her during the day to build the heat.”

And if you’re adding spontaneity to your sex life, you might want to try having sex in places you’ve never expected. In a recent AskReddit thread, users shared the weirdest places they’ve gotten down with a partner. Some of them were sexy as hell while others… well, some were just plain bizarre. So if you’re looking for some public sex inspo (just don’t do anything illegal), here’s just how freaky Reddit users have gotten. Here’s what users had to say.

1. When You Really Have It Your Way


I’m assuming that the Burger King wasn’t open, but that still doesn’t make this that much better. In fact, I don’t know if anything could make this better.

2. When It’s Three Strikes And You’re Out


Sports fields — and high school sport fields — were a recurring theme in this thread, which makes me think that as a high school drama geek I really missed out on something. Although, it just sounds like a lot of grass stains to me.

3. When Nothing’s Ever Clean Again


This is gross on a lot of levels, but now I’m also feeling like I missed out because my high school definitely did not have a weekly news show.

4. When You Have To Use All Your Balance


I’m not sure how this is even a physical possibility, but power to them — the views must have been effing incredible.

5. When There’s FIRE


The first part of this doesn’t seem particularly daring — and the second one makes it seem like they both could have gone up in flames at any moment.

6. When You Could Get Caught


“Inside a sea cave” doesn’t sound particularly sexy, but I can see how it could work. Hopefully it wasn’t too mossy, though — that stuff is slippery.

7. When You *Really* Could Get Caught


Talk about exhibitionism. I thought some light fooling around in boyfriend’s dad’s office was scandalous because you could almost see down into the living room, but this is a whole other level.

8. When It Was An International Sporting Event


I think that definitely counts. It’s a huge sporting event that millions of people watch — but I just want to know how you end up getting a blow job in one of those cabins.

9. When You Just Give Zero Effs


I definitely have had a friend or two who’s done this, but I just don’t get the appeal. At the very least, it feels like a deeply uncomfortable place to be doing it — stones in your back, anyone?

10. When It’s Dramatic AF


People love having sex on sports fields. I will never get it. But the thunderstorm does add a nice touch.

11. When It’s Straight Out Of A Music Video


If you’re going to have sex in a weird place, it might as well be on the floor of a studio. It seems like a pretty bad ass way to do it.

12. When… No. Just No.


In what way could this possibly be sexy? What positions could you even use? How would you not vomit? I have exclusively used porta potties for nervous poops before running races and I am firmly convinced that’s all they should be used for.

13. When Disneyland Happened


I knew — I just knew — that Disneyland would make an appearance in this list somewhere.

Having sex in a weird place can definitely make your sex life more exciting, and sometimes, it can just be plain bizarre. Either way, it’s a new experience, and something that can bring you closer to your partner — just hopefully not in a portable toilet.