The Best U.S. Cities For Casual Sex, According To A New Survey

Originally posted on Bustle

A casual hookup tends to be a love-it-or-hate-it encounter. For some people, casual sex is a great way to cut loose, explore their sexuality, or just scratch an itch. But for others, casual sex sounds like their worst nightmare — or something they’ll regret immediately afterward. But could it be that where you are affects your likelihood of finding a casual sex partner? Well, Casualx, a casual sex dating app, decided to see where the most popular locations are for casual sex. They looked at the locations of their users to see what the top 10 locations were — and most of them had one thing in common.

“We found that most of the top 10 cities are popular travel destinations attracting the most travelers,” Casualx co-founder and CEO Michelle Li said in a press release. “It shows a connection between traveling, exploring the world, and casual sex. It’s the thrill and excitement of being somewhere new, coupled with the thrill and excitement of hooking up with someone new.”

Maybe it’s the traveling — or maybe people in these cities just have more hectic schedules and a casual fling fits into their lives more easily. In any case, here are the cities that were most likely to see some casual flings.

1. New York


The city that never sleeps is probably the perfect place to have casual sex — because what else are you going to do if you’re awake at 3 a.m.? Plus, New Yorkers like everything fast and convenience, so casual sex seems to fit the bill.

2. Los Angeles


On the opposite coast, Los Angeles came in at number two for Casualx users. Though LA isn’t for everyone, it is the home of happy, beautiful people, so maybe it’s no surprise that there is a lot of hooking up to be had there.

3. Chicago


And not to be left out, right smack in the center of the country, Chicago was number three for Casualx users. A way to warm up in the windy city, perhaps?

4. Houston


Houston wasn’t the only city in Texas that made the top 10 — which means that Texas must be seeing a lot of fun. But Houston was the highest ranking Texas city, coming in at number four on the list.

5. San Diego


My East Coast roots have to admit that the West Coast seems to be faring better in this lineup. San Diego was next, meaning that California had two cities in the top five. Touch, California, touche. I guess all of that vitamin D keeps you all active.

6. Las Vegas


I would assume that Las Vegas was number one in terms of casual sex — hell, in terms of casual everything. But it turns out, it didn’t even break up the top five. I would expect more from the Sin City, but I guess people are busy gambling and watching Cher.

7. Miami


So this is what Will Smith was talking about. Miami is definitely a haven of fun — and a place that many of us flock to to stay warm in the wintertime. It doesn’t really surprise me that there’d be a lot of hookups as everyone soaks up the sun.

8. San Antonio


The second showing from Texas in the top 10, San Antonio made it to number eight on the list.

9. Philadelphia


I never really think of Philadelphia as a sexy city but, considering it made number nine on the list, I might be wrong. Although I kind of hope that all of the casual sex there is somehow fueled by — or at least to the soundtrack of — Hamilton. Now, that I can get behind.

10. Orlando


Another Florida city, Orlando rounded out the top 10. I guess now I understand why adults take trips to the Magic Kingdom.

When it comes to casual hookups, it may be no surprise that major cities are the hubs. Whether it’s the transient nature of people coming and going or just a side effect of fast-paced city life, some folks just want to have fun.