7 Clues Your Partner Is Trying To Get Close To You

Originally posted on Brides

In a relationship, there should always be some give and take. Sometimes one partner may be happier in their life than the other, sometimes one might be struggling more and feeling a little more needy. That’s totally natural—and nothing to worry about. But you should know what it looks like if your partner is trying to connect and get closer to you, because it may be a sign that they need something from you or from the relationship that they’re just not getting.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong—there are so many things that could make your partner want to feel closer to you. Whether it’s work stress, issues with their friends, or just a random mood, they may find that they want that connected, intimate feeling. A strong relationship is really grounding, after all. So here are the signs that your partner is trying to connect with you, because sometimes opening up can mean a lot.

1. They Make Every Event An Occasion

You don’t always have to have to make grand gestures to have a special, romantic time. Sometimes, it’s the little touches. If your partner turns every dinner or Netflix session into something special—with your favorite treats, a nice candle, or even just having cleaned up to make things perfect—it’s a way of showing they care and trying to connect with you.

2. They’re Bringing You Into Their World

If your partner wants you to be more integrated into their life, that normally means they’re trying to be closer to you. It may be through meeting their friends and family—or maybe they’re just sharing their hobbies with you. But giving you more insight into their life is a way of moving the relationship forward.

3. They Want To Help With The Most Mundane Tasks

When you’re happy in a relationship, even the most mundane tasks can become fun. It’s one of the great things about having a partner—It’s someone to tackle all your boring life admin with. But it takes real commitment. If they want to do everything from going to the grocery store to picking up dry cleaning together, they’re trying to make every opportunity a bonding experience.

4. They Stay Close…Literally

Don’t underestimate the importance of physical affection. If someone is staying close to you, physically, that’s a way of trying to connect and show how much you mean to them. It can be with an arm around you or an extra hug here in there—or it could just be that they always gravitate toward you when you’re out in public.

5. They Make A Huge Effort With Your People

This is a sign that someone is really, really invested. Your friends, your family, your coworkers—if they’re making an effort with people you care about, they’re showing that they care about you. Especially if your friends or family can be tricky, the fact that they’re willing to go out of their way to be kind to them is a way of demonstrating to you that they take your relationship seriously.

6. They’re Asking More Questions Than Normal

You should always be asking questions in relationship—checking in, asking about their day, talking about the future. But if your partner is more inquisitive than normal, it is a sign they’re trying to really connect. It’s a way of helping you open up and, ultimately, bring the two of you closer together. Make sure you haven’t been closing off (maybe without even realizing it) and that you’re giving your partner the full engagement they deserve.

7. They Want To Act As A Unit

Whether it’s saying “we” do this and “we” do that or wanting to attend events as a pair, if they’re trying to present the two of you as a couple, that’s telling. Behaving as though you come as a unit is a real sign of wanting to be close to you. Independence is always important in a relationship—so make sure you’re retaining some of that—but if they’re emphasizing the “we” rather than the “me,” there may be a reason they’re trying to reconnect.

There are so many different ways your partner may want to show how much they care about your and try to make your relationship stronger. So, even if you haven’t been being particularly distant, you should be able to see the signs and make sure you’re giving your partner what they need. Because not everybody finds it easy to just ask for help. Instead, look at how your partner is acting toward you and the effort they’re putting into the relationship. Because sometimes people just need to reconnect with their foundation—and for your partner, that could mean getting closer to you.