7 Sex Positions That Are Basically A Workout

Originally posted on Bustle

If you find yourself in a bit of a rut, then you can’t be afraid to push out of your comfort zone and try some more difficult sex positions. But these sex positions will require an effort — because these aren’t lazy ones, like spooning (although that position is amazing). Some of the more intense sex positions are basically a workout — as in, you may want to stretch first. But once you get them right, these positions can help you and your partner click all over again.

Plus, if you really push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you may find that you add a whole new element to your sex life. “I’ve worked with a lot of women who recall a weekend or a special night or some other occasion when their ‘sexy alter ego’ came out to play,” Kyla Black, a Brooklyn sex therapist, told Bustle. “Some also have expressed that they know she’s in there but don’t know how to get her out. It’s a commitment to call forth this lovely self and allow her to flourish.”

Ready for the challenge? So it’s time to try some of these positions that may remind you of high school gym class — but in a much better way now. Here are seven positions that are basically a workout.

1. In A Chair

giphy (78)

How To Do It: Have your partner sit in a chair and then straddle them, either facing toward them or away. Then, you can bounce, grind, and get down in whatever way feels best.

Why It’s A Workout: Depending on how high the chair is, you can really feel this in your legs and butt. It’s worth it for the intimacy and deep penetration.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

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How To Do It: Face your partner’s feet and lower yourself down. Find the right balance between leaning forward and back, but make sure your partner is comfortable.

Why It’s A Workout: Any position where you’re on top can wear you out, especially if you’re bouncing. But you can play with your clit and feel really badass, so you’ll get used to the burn.

3. Standing

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How To Do It: Carefully, spread your legs and slowly reach down toward touching your toes. Your partner should enter you from behind — but move slow and don’t be afraid to grab the lube.

Why It’s Hardcore: I mean, if you can do this for any length of time you’re basically a superhero. And you get to feel like you won sex.

4. Advanced Crab Walk

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How To Do It: Use the classic crab walk position from gym class and put it to good use. Have your partner hold the position while you shimmy over to them. Then — slowly— put your legs up on their shoulders. You may need a lot of lube and a few tries, but once you get there you can just grind and relax into it.

Why It’s A Workout: This one obvious needs a lot of flexibility, but you’re also holding your weight in your arms if you lean way back. It’s unusual and intimate, so it should make you both feel great.

5. The Plow

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How To Do It: While in missionary, have your partner slowly raise your legs up on to their shoulders. If you don’t make it all the way, that’s fine — try doing just one leg and see if it helps.

Why It’s A Workout: This is another one that tests your flexibility, but there’sso much deep penetration that you won’t mind the workout one bit.

6. Double Dip

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How To Do It: It takes three to tango in this position. With one of you and a partner in a modified doggy and an extra person below you, there’s so much happening. And it’s all great.

Why It’s Hardcore: Try stimulating two people at once. It’s a workout. End of story.

7. Three-Legged Dog

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How To Do It: Facing each other, slowly lift one leg up onto your partner’s hip and guide them inside of you. Lube will help, but you may need to stand on something to make your heights line up properly.

Why It’s Hardcore: If you can do this without a wall, there’s a ton of strength, flexibility, and balance involved. But the feeling of having to stay connected and strong together is so sexy. Plus, it’s perfect for a quickie.

Obviously, you don’t want your sex session to feel like work — but there’s nothing wrong with putting in an extra effort from time to time and trying something totally new. Plus, these positions are all pleasurable enough that you won’t mind the sweat.