MysteryVibe Is Offering Same-Day Delivery Vibrators In New York If You Need A Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

Originally posted on Bustle

If you’re looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift and don’t have a lot of time to make it happen, MysteryVibe may have the answer. The sex toy company behind the Crescendo vibrator is making last-minute deliveries of their toy easier than ever — in some cases it can happen in an hour or less.

If you don’t already know the Crescendo, it’s body-adapting vibrator for all genders with six motors, which basically means you can bend it into a number of different position to find the perfect one for you. Oh, and then it’s powerful as hell. I’m a huge fan of the MysteryVibe — full disclosure, I have a Crescendo sitting in my top drawer as I write this, so it’s definitely got my vote. If you want to spice-up your Valentine’s Day, this is a great way to do it.

“People want to get to know their bodies. The Crescendo is a unique vibrator in that there’s no ‘default’ setting,” Stephanie Alys, co-founder of MysteryVibe, tells Bustle. “You have to shape it, experiment with vibes, and really determine what turns you on. This means it offers a lot more communication than other vibes, and more communication with your body and your partner. People often think of something vibrators as something women buy, but nearly half of Crescendo purchasers have been men in relationships buying them as gifts. And we know that Valentine’s Day purchasers often wait until the last minute — we wanted to be there for them, and their partners. We’d love to transform a commercial, heteronormative holiday into some that really is about pleasure and communication.”


It’s a great gift option because it’s totally luxurious — the box, the wireless charging, the quality feel — it’s completely top of the line. It’s even packaged in a way that really packs a punch. So if you’re interested in giving a vibrator as a last-minute gift — even to yourself — here’s what you need to know.

Here’s How It Works

If you’re in NYC, that means getting a toy delivered in almost no time at all. “Valentine’s Day is a stressful holiday, no matter if you’re single or partnered, so we thought it would be the ideal time to launch a vibrator delivery service,” Alys says. “A vibrator has the ability to be both an amazing gift for a relationship, and a way to celebrate being single. We know that while our fans tend to do a lot of research, they actually order Crescendo when they need it. But even in New York there’s not always great options for getting a vibe quickly. You can order just about anything in under-an-hour in this city, but unfortunately sex toys aren’t one of them.”

So if you want to get one in a hurry, you can just go over to a special site they’ve set up and place an order. And not only that, it comes with some V-Day bonuses — just make sure you order it before noon on Valentine’s Day to get it delivered that day. “This is a pilot program that we’re hoping to expand once this trial is over,” Alys says. “For now, we’ve built out a page,, which allows New Yorkers to select same-day delivery. For Valentine’s Day, delivery is free, and the Crescendo comes gift-wrapped with our favorite lube, chocolates and a tech-savvy Kama Sutra. You simply place your order, and a driver is dispatched to deliver the package to you, or your partner, within an hour.”

In a perfect world, we’ve all planned out our gift selections for months, taking every detail or our partner and relationship into consideration. But sometimes you just need a great gift in a hurry. And a Crescendo with same-day delivery does just that.