The Most Common Sexual Fantasies For Women

Originally posted on Bustle.

If you’re always looking for ways to spice up your sex life, a good way to do that is to turn to your fantasies. Because some fantasies are totally realistic, there’s no reason you can’t act on them— and even the ones that would be harder to fulfill can point you toward something doable that you might want to try. And Sleep Cupid, a mattress retailer, surveyed 3,000 women to find out exactly what women’s sexual fantasies involved. And, when it comes to location, the answer may surprise you. But fantasies about locations are great— because they’re a lot easier to act on than that threesome with Benedict Cumberbatch and Janet Jackson you’ve been dreaming about.

The really interesting thing was that they also divided up the sexual fantasies by the sexual orientation of those surveyed. And, while some were the same across the board, there were also major differences. Like the fact that the number two most fantasized location for lesbians was sex in the closet, which has to be some sort of a punch line.

You can check out all the results broken down by orientation on Sleep Cupid— and it’s really fascinating. But if you want to know what most popular sexual fantasies for women overall, here’s how it broke down:

1. The Stairs


Really? Really? I mean, I get that there are some fun angles and levels to play with, but this surprised me. You can imagine anything in the world and you pick… the stairs? But it was the number one fantasy for straight women and number two for bisexual women, so ladies are really loving this stair idea.

2. The Beach


The classic sexual and romantic fantasy, beach sex, came in at number two. I’m guessing that’s because most of these women haven’t had beach sex and suffered from sand-in-the-vagina-itus (a definitely real medical condition I had) for weeks afterward. Use a towel, people.

3. Big Event


Weddings, celebrations, birthdays — apparently getting nasty at a big event is a real fantasy for a lot of women. And if you’ve ever waited 20 minutes for a couple to come out of a bathroom at a wedding, you’ll know it’s one that often comes to life.

4. Plane


A fantasy that I definitely think is sexier in theory than in reality, plane sex is always popular. And I’m a pretty adventurous person sexually, but I still can’t see why those tiny bathrooms are sexy. But you gotta do you. If you want to have plane sex, follow your heart.

5. Garage


Number five overall (and the number one fantasy place for lesbians in some horrible stereotype brought to life), people really like to imagine getting sexy in the garage. I guess it has the benefit of seeming like spontaneous, can’t keep your hands off of each other long enough to get in the house sex, but keep an eye out for stray nails.

6. Backyard


I’m surprised the great outdoors isn’t getting more play, but backyard sex came in at number six on the fantasies list.

7. The Office


The office actually came at number four in bisexual fantasies and number three in lesbian fantasies, but it ranked number seven overall. Considering the survey found that 83.9 percent of women had fantasized about coworkers, I’m surprised it’s not higher. But let’s be real, the logistics of sex in an office could be really difficult.

Some sexual fantasies are easier to make a reality than others, but I think this survey is really encouraging. Why? The number one fantasy for women was having sex on the stairs. So go ahead, ladies, make your dreams happen.